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  1. I'm short listing a few local surgeons, and would love some ideas on what questions to ask during the process. Personally, my biggest concern is out-of-pocket expenses (the minimal information available on websites is full of jargon I don't understand, and so complicated, it gets real vague real quick). So, what other questions have you found important? (and if this is already a topic in FAQ, please point me in that direction?) Thanks for your time and effort. B
  2. Thanks guys, your input means a lot.
  3. What a delightfully supportive and informative forum. I'm waiting a year for PHI to kick in (Nov), and researching all I can in the meantime. I've lost around 15kg in the last few months, while I wait. This is very difficult with the knowledge in the back of my mind that I will not be able to scoff ever again from the end of the year My question for other users - what was your weightloss journey like pre-op? For context: I have, for years, yo-yo'd in extreme amounts. 60kg up, 40kg down, another 30 up, etc. I estimate I've gained and lost around 600kg over the past 25 years. I know I can lose the weight when I get in the groove. But the gaping hole - the deprivation and hunger - eventually drive me to give up. It becomes impossible to continue to distract, use mindfulness, self esteem, willpower, self evaluation, and all the other behavioural techniques when I am fighting hormones, physical fatigue, and that overstretched stomach. On one hand, I'm afraid I'll be rejected for surgery based on this occasional ability to deprive myself below a 30bmi. One fellow in another forum said "if you can do it, then just do it". Missing the point much? On the other hand, I feel like this huge struggle over 25 years is quite enough nonsense. Remove at least part of the problem and I'll be far less likely to fall off the wagon. Am I justified in seeking WLS? What was your pre-op struggle like? Was your weight quite steady, or did you fluctuate like me? And why - though I know I've done the very hard yards - do I feel like I don't deserve this opportunity? Thanks for your time and input