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    I read this post and just had to reply. Any surgeon that tells you they have never had a leak is either lying or hasn't done many operations. I went with Skidmore 4 years ago and had a leak. I ended up at the Alfred Hospital in septic shock. My heart and kidneys were failing and I was rushed into emergency surgery where they drained the leak. I nearly died. The leak persisted and I spent the next 3 months in hospital. I eventually needed a gastric bypass to fix the leak. They took great care of me at The Alfred. Apparently they contacted Skidmore who didn't want to know anything about me maybe so he could go on claiming "no leaks". I only later found out from the surgeons at The Alfred that Skidmore has had many leaks and has been banned from operating at multiple hospitals because of his high rate of complications - https://jonjayray.wordpress.com/2015/09/