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  1. Bigm666

    Checking in

    You got the proper DS or BPD Ds or SIPS How much with loss total in how many months :)
  2. Bigm666


    I've finally found the MGB or SIPS you talk about its also called mini BYPASS but I've read any complications with reflux or something and there's really no difference between the 2 bypasses in regards to weight loss you still have to be strict with your intake
  3. Bigm666

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    52kg in 9 months is great! Can you tell me your daily intake of food and exercise? Also do you take much vitamins? I need to lose 60kgs to be at my goal weight but BMI says my goal is right on the edge on healthy which is ridiculous so don't put all your thought on the BMI scale please
  4. Bigm666


    Sounds like bypass. Causes the same malabsorption problem and requires vitamin supplements due to the calorie deficit. Yeah I don't think it's even in SA it's not mentioned on any local Dr websites. I think bypass is just as effective. I need to lose 60kgs so you are my inspiration. For you to be able to do that in just 8 months is amazing for a lady as usually it is harder for females I've been told...
  5. Bigm666


    I've never asked what exactly is SIPS I've never heard about it in SA. How does it differ to the sleeve or BYPASS You've done really well losing what 60kgs is it?
  6. Bigm666


    Yeah good idea I guess. I'll have to see what the doctor says before I commit but I know I'd like the RNY BYPASS and of course I want to be fitter and healthier and live longer
  7. Bigm666


    I'm quite the opposite my immune system is great I can't remember the last time I took Panadol. my weight is really my only issue and the co morbidities that go with that. So the bypass to me seems much more efficient and better method but everyone has their preferences. I don't mind taking vitamins everyday. I've still gotta wait for my phi to get to the 12 months before in able to have the surgery which is fine because it gives me time to save up and prepare myself mentally.
  8. Bigm666


    I replied above before I could quote you my bad but would love to hear more..
  9. Bigm666


    Thanks for your response. Did they advise the sleeve or did they explain both options to you? I've seen their website so I know about the 4k was just curious on any hidden costs? Is the dietician before or after op? How many months was it from first appointment to the final surgery? My PHI is full cover no extras. I've done tons of research and been planning this for a long time so I know all the pros and cons that's for sure. I'm ready mentally. I'm still amazed how affordable it is compared to what I had thought. I'm so looking forward to it I feel the bypass is my best option but I'll obviously discuss with the dr and surgeon. Is it true I should start the ball rolling at least 6 months prior to my 12 month time frame? Tnx Mike
  10. Youre in Adelaide right would love to chat
  11. Be proud of the achievement of 80kgs lost that's a full human being. Take pride in every little victory and be happy your only 100kgs not 160kgs there's a huge difference there of 60kgs which is also a full grown woman. Do what I did years ago I bought myself a stationery exercise bike for the house you can sit on it anytime day or night even while watching your favourite TV shows!
  12. Bigm666


    How is everyone. I realise this is a band Forum but it appears that other areas of this site are rather neglected I was hoping to meet more Adelaide ppl who have had surgeries recently... If anyone in this past few months have had any gastric surgery I'd like to know what surgery and surgeon and total out of pocket expense with PHI. It's been a few months since I looked into it so hoping for more recent costs and experiences. I'm still months away from my 12 month cut off before I qualify for surgery but getting keener every day. I think I've decided on the full RNY BYPASS as my best option for long term success but still unsure of who to go with I'm looking closely at Ashford but have recently heard of a new clinic of Dr DONOFRIO North Adelaide and I'm curious of anybody has any personal experience with Dr DONOFRIO?? But mostly costs of surgery and gaps and of course the surgeon in general are they open and inviting easy to deal with and do they offer free after care included in the surgery. Otherwise some one point me in the direction of the best FB pages for gastric bypass surgery in SA. Thanks again so looking forward to getting surgery this year!!!
  13. I'm planning on the new RNY BYPASS
  14. Bigm666

    Day two post surgery

    Get onto your surgeon ASAP I'm planning on the full RNY bypass