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  1. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    I have lost 30 kgs now... pre op 15kgs and 15 kgs since post op.
  2. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    How are all August sleevers going??? Hope we all going well. I cant its been over month and I love the new energy I have. My boss at work is loving the new me. Just can't wait until my first post op appt next week with surgeon to get the okay to up my exercise from just walker. I want to do boxing again. Food wise In struggling to have half cup but I drink lots of protein to help.
  3. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    2 weeks until I see my surgery again to get approval to up my exercises. I want to do water exercises again.This week my weight hasn't moved and getting little bit depressed. I think its because I have move onto the next food stage and not drinking enough fluids and lack of variety in exercises. Hope it move soon.
  4. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    Can't believe its 3 weeks tomorrow. I have move onto mushie stage and Im very happy. I have lost approx 20kgs now but I have started to loss muscle mass. Waiting for surgeon to give me the go ahead to up my exercises.
  5. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    You too Beachgirl!!! I'm getting better
  6. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    Finally left the hospital on Sunday morning. I was sleeved on Friday. During my stay suffered severe dehydration and was put on the iv drip for 2 days. I had really bad nausea and I could only tolerate dilated apple juice. Just been to the GP as one of stitches was filled with blood and causing me lots of pain. Also I'm suffering low back pain due to the surgery. I hope I will be better soon
  7. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    I can't believe this time next week I will waiting at the hospital for my sleeve to get get done. Where has the time gone? Im super excited but nervous at the same time.
  8. JojoLockie

    Did anyone ever cheat on the preop diet ?

    I started the pre-op diet week ago and yes I cheated ,maybe twice now (snacks like small handful of potato chips) but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. I just refocus either next meal/day to try little bit hard. We are only human at the end of the day.
  9. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    Getting sleeved on 31 August... started optifast yesterday... going okay so far