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  1. EllaB

    August 2018 surgeries

    Hi @rumplebear Glad you’re feeling ok. Remember to take it easy even though you may feel like you can cope with light activity. I made the mistake of doing too much too early and ended up feeling quite ill. The flat feeling lasted about a week for me and my tummy at 2 weeks post-op still looks I went a round with Mike Tyson. It’s a rainbow of colours from yellow to purple to dark red. Looks way worse than it feels though. I get to eat mushy foods from tomorrow and can’t wait - so over liquids and shakes! Like you, I struggled to get in the required amount of liquid in the first week but now I’m managing 1.2l of water and then there’s soup, milk etc added to that so I’m probably getting enough. They load you up on fluids in the hospital though knowing that you’re going to struggle initially. Hang in there it’ll get better
  2. EllaB

    August 2018 surgeries

    What an outstanding achievement @LosingKAL!!! Well done . I’ve lost 6kgs since surgery but I expect that rate of loss will slow down now I’m eating a little more. So, funny story about the noisy tummy...I’ve been back at work this week and on Friday I had a 1.00 meeting with some clients (just after I’d eaten lunch) and my stomach gurgled like an old drain pipe for a solid 30 minutes. I knew they could hear it, and they knew I knew they could hear it, but none of us said anything about it. I was mortified! No eating before meetings in future!! You’re right though, it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to shed some weight.
  3. Haha good thinking and I probably should have planned around events like you’re doing but I was too impatient
  4. Yes I did occasionally cheat. In the first week we had my son’s birthday dinner at a restaurant and I had dumplings and a glass of wine. In the second week I couldn’t resist a cheese platter at drinks with friends. I felt guilty about it initially but decided to give myself a break because I’m only human and it was really good cheese. Oh, and I also had a milk based coffee every day because I can’t function without it. I saw my doctor a couple of days before surgery and confessed. He just laughed and said don’t worry about it because I’d still managed to lose 3.5kgs in 2 weeks which is a pretty decent result. All you can do is try your best and don’t beat yourself up over the occasional slip.
  5. EllaB

    August 2018 surgeries

    Hey August gang! So I had my sleeve done on Monday morning and now I’m home and feeling way better than I expected to at this stage. I’m getting by just fine on Panadol for pain relief and managing to keep up with my required fluid intake. No issues at all except for a very loud gurgling tummy which I’m hoping will ease in time. When I say loud I mean it is really LOUD. Does anyone know if this is normal and if it’s forever? As of this morning I’ve lost 7kgs so far (3.5 on the pre-op diet and 3.5 since Monday morning) which I’m pretty darn happy about :))
  6. EllaB

    August 2018 surgeries

    I agree, Optifast isn’t great. I’m way more of a savoury person than sweet and I find that they’re sooooo sweet. Didn’t mind the shakes at the beginning but now I’m at the end of my second week all I can think about is vegemite on toast! I have a latex allergey so I always get to go first for any surgery, procedure, or basically anything in a medical setting. Something about a build up of latex in the air throughout the day which clears overnight. While the allergy part sucks it’s a definite plus to be first on the list for everything I’m not nervous about the after surgery part, I’m excited about change and looking forward to getting my life back on track. It’s just the surgery and anaesthetic that worries me. They make such a big deal about the risks and obviously it’s not ideal to go through all that when you’re so overweight. I know they just tell you so that you’re fully informed but I have anxiety issues so of course I’ve blown it completely out of proportion and have panic moments when I think I’m for sure going to die on the table.
  7. EllaB

    August 2018 surgeries

    Me! Surgery 6am Monday and I’m kinda freaking out about it. Which probably explains why I’m posting on a forum at 1am on a school night!! Anyone else nervous?