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  1. HoneyBadger

    Band to Sleeve

    Hi Ninny, did you find another Doctor for your sleeve?
  2. HoneyBadger

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    It looks likes it's $5500 for the surgeon, $1200 for the Multidisciplinary Support, Anaesthetist fees (approx $500) and hospital fees, potentially $10-$15k. That itself is concerning for me, I cant see how I could swing that at the moment. Plus I worry about the long term effects of a sleeve on gut health and I suppose I have become comfortable with my band that suggestion of a change is a bit shocking. When is your procedure?
  3. HoneyBadger

    Very Low Carbohydrate Diets for Diabetes (ADA 2018)

    Thank you for sharing, I hope Dr Gary Fettke, the Orthopaedic surgeon silenced by APHRA on discussing this very point with patients, gets to see this
  4. I've had my band for 12 years too and am facing the prospect of losing it on the suggestion of my new surgeon. I wish I could say I wouldn't gain like you without it, I had volume removed for a scope (lots of strange pain and symptoms too) and gained 5kg in 5 weeks. I'm 10kg over my happy weight and he suggested I go back on Optifast 800cal a day to stem the gain & consider sleeving or ESG. Not keen on these options at this point, maybe I'm just scared. Keep us posted with how your are traveling!
  5. HoneyBadger

    Quality of Life of Bariatric Surgery Patients - Research Project

    Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this study Looking forward very much to see the results!
  6. HoneyBadger

    Just shooting the breeze

    Hi KKINLA, I feel your pain! I've had my band for 12 years and have been at or below my goal weight for 7 years then the last 3 years it's started to creep back on. I had to have some fluid removed from the band for an gastroscopy and I gained 5kg in 5 weeks! I'm now 10kg over my "happy weight', where I feel I look my best, and I feel like I've put the entire 50kg I lost back on. It's such a mind game isn't it? Obviously I'm not back at that weight but I feel a huge amount of disappointment and shame. My surgeon retired and my new surgeon wants to discuss removing my band at my appointment next week and trying a different method. As much as I want to desperately regain control on my weight and overwhelming desire to overeat, I'm scared to try a new procedure, plus the costs involved. Best of luck! I find the puree stage so much better than fluids, I love to roast my veges and then blend them in bone broth
  7. HoneyBadger

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    My new surgeon told me to today I should consider removing my 12 year old band and have this procedure instead... I'm concerned about the price and a few other issues. Interested to hear as well www.cairnsgastro.com.au is the surgeon
  8. HoneyBadger

    Could this be silent reflux??

    Yes!!! This very much can be it! Do you cough as aspirate at night? I have silent reflux, zero heartburn but just has a scope that showed erosive oesophagitis from the acid. I'm waiting for my appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday to discuss further, but apparently PPI's like Nexium dont work well with the mechanics of the band anyway so I'm not sure what the outcome will be.
  9. HoneyBadger

    Lap band removal

    I had a gastroscopy today and the surgeon (the surgeon who banded me 12 years ago has retired) suggested I consider removing the band and look at different procedures like ESG. This scares the crap out of me for many reasons but the cost as well. I think I could have mine removed with my PHI but no the subsequent surgeries.