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  1. donnasgreatidea

    bMI 32 Newcastle area

    Thanks I’m going to a Tim Wright seminar next week , found out I needed to add extras to my health cover so won’t be happening for a year but I s I’ll will find out what I can
  2. donnasgreatidea

    bMI 32 Newcastle area

    Thanks for the reply , ok so I shouldn’t worry about my dr not giving me a referral sounds like he just writes one if I ask, I have been reading a bit on the gastric sleeve which the flow of new people having surgery seem to be going towards as there are no fills required or after care of the sleeve. I have been yoyoing for years lose 14kg put it back on I go to the gym everyday since last November , I play soccer , eat pretty well mon-fri like a wine of a Friday Saturday night ( 3 glasses) but it’s just not moving any weight . I did or for 2 years but I just couldn’t afford it anymore , and the weight crept afterwards , I know I gave muscle but I am not happy with my size
  3. donnasgreatidea

    bMI 32 Newcastle area

    thankyou so much for the help, I will have a read of your attachment now
  4. donnasgreatidea

    bMI 32 Newcastle area

    Hi I’m wondering who they use Newcastle way for lap bands? Also are they only referred to as lap bands or could they be called something else . I would really like to get this fine as the orbera balloon is not for me , I’d like a permanent solution slso not sure my dr will approve as he laughed off weight loss options when I asked about help . I’m 152cm tall and weigh 73.5kg any