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  1. Was this at one of your PHI providers? Thats alot more than I was expecting!
  2. Hi sleaty im in Qld but know a tummy tuck will have to come, did you go through PHI ? Was this difficult?
  3. Casey81

    What exercises can I do?

    Hi Blissx, how have you found your skin after?
  4. Casey81

    Gastric Bypass day to day life

    Would be interested in this info as well!
  5. Hey sorry didn’t mean to repost! was wondering where your located and how much your gap was? My PHI waiting period isn’t up till end of Feb 2019 but I’d like to know what I’m up for in advance
  6. Casey81

    Counting down

    Gastric Bypass Brisbane hopeful I put on a lot of weight with both my pregnancies however have carried the bulk of my excess weight since 2009, currently im 163cm and 115kg whilst pregnant with my second daughter my lumbar spine ‘collapsed’ (easiest way to explain) as a result exercise and day to day functioning became hard/exhausting and my weight slowly crept up and up. Ive tried what feels like everything to lose and maintain weight loss but have struggled to get past 8kg then it all comes back again! As I’m approaching 40 I’d like to get it under control so it doesn’t cause me problems later in life. Im now have private health insurance and my 12 mth waiting period is up late February 2019 would love to chat to anyone who’s had the surgery or is waiting like me