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  1. MerkinMan


    When i was pre op, i had to do 3 x serves of optifast per day, and 2 cups of certain veg. I used to shake in the morning, bar at lunch, 2 cups of veg stir fried or in a salad, then have the 3rd Optifast shake. Hope this helps you out!
  2. MerkinMan

    Post Gastric Sleeve

    Hi All, Had my sleeve procedure on September 11, started pre op Optifast on September 1. I was 165kg and as of today am down to 135kg. Im not hungry at all, ever, i dont even think about food. In saying this, im struggling i think to get adequate nutrition. Im still taking my vitamins daily, trying to drink enough fluids, but, im supposed to be on to soft foods now, and even yoghurt is hard to consume. I can get maybe 4-5 teaspoons down before i feel over full. Im not concerned about not eating, but im more concerned that im damaging myself by not having enough protein or even having enough go in. Anyone else been in this position? would love to hear from you Thanks!