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  1. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Happy Birthday! As for cake a small bit won’t be a problem- you will probably find that your tastes have changed anyway. I fully understand you worries about putting weight on once you start eating a bit more - I also have had these concerns. I spoke to my dietician about it and she said that providing you eat healthy and do some walking the weight will not gain so long as you listen to your body telling you when you’re full. But expect some plateau usually around weeks 7-8. Hope all goes well.
  2. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Hi HeidiF, I wouldn’t be too concerned about how slow you are losing weight, my surgeon said we should aim for 1kg a week (which you are doing). I was always expecting that when I had the surgery I would lose weight really quickly considering how little we can eat. It has been about 6.5 weeks since my surgery and I have lost 9 kg since my hospital admission weight - which I’m quite pleased about. How are you feeling? I was really angry and tearful last weekend and after some research I found that mood swings can be common due to hormones being released in the fat stores that we are losing - who would have thought that our excess fat contains hormones. Please keep in touch. Good luck with your loss and keep positive- any loss is a good loss :)
  3. Mouse-mum


    Hello everyone, just wondered how everybody is going after surgery. Has anyone else had any problems transitioning into normal food? How is everyone going with their weight loss? I hope you’re all well and happy with your results. Keep in touch :)
  4. Mouse-mum


    Thanks Rosemary, Two weeks today since surgery, staples have been removed but still some soreness at some of the incisions. Struggling with the move onto purée foods and I don’t think I’m drinking enough. Have started going for short 10 min walks and am hoping to start walking on the treadmill this week. I have another 1 1/2 weeks off work, just hope I can be on soft foods before I return. Weight hasn’t come off as fast as I thought it would- maybe I’m just a bit impatient. I hope all the other October girls are doing ok, would love to hear how everyone is doing.
  5. Mouse-mum


    Hi everyone, my surgery went well yesterday but I am struggling with nauseous feeling from the gas used to inflate during surgery. Also struggling to swallow tablets and liquids without feeling sick. I’ve been told that the first 72 hours are the worst- looking forward to the next chapter
  6. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Thinking of you Muzz, I hope everything went well and you have a speedy recovery. I’m just starting my second week of shakes - have now settled in to it. I’ve been surprised how my tastes have changed, my boys had hot chips yesterday and I would normally have had a stack with them(they are my weakness!), instead I had no interest. I’ve been disappointed as I’ve only lost 3.3kg and this has put a few negative thoughts into my head about what if I can’t lose weight with the surgery. I see my surgeon tomorrow for our final meeting before the surgery. I hope everyone is ok.:)
  7. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to check how everybody is doing. How are you all feeling and how is everyone going with Opti? I’m on day 3 of Opti and am feeling better today - I have had really bad mood swings the past 2 days (might also be linked to the realisation that it’s all really happening). I’ve lost 1.5kg already so I’m happy. I have my pre-op appointment with my surgeon next Wednesday- it won’t be long now. Good luck to everyone, keep in touch:)
  8. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Hi Mum2three, it won’t be long now! I had a home sleep study last night so am feeling a bit tired today; it was hard to get a good nights sleep being hooked up to wires! I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight :). I’m starting opti on Tuesday- 2 weeks. How are you feeling? Best wishes- please keep in touch.
  9. Mouse-mum


    Good luck to tomorrow KAZBAA. I hope everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery
  10. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Hi Fandangle, WOW! we are both having our surgeries on the same day! I’m having mine at Berwick- where are you having yours? I’m excited but a little anxious about starting the Opti next week. Please keep in touch and let me know how your doing