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  1. lillibelle

    baked beans

    Yes I know no foods are banned but baked beans are high in carbs
  2. lillibelle

    baked beans

    Anyone eat baked beans. Im 8weeks out and craving baked beans
  3. lillibelle

    Very low blood sugars

    Went to doctors yesterday and my blood sugar level was 2.9 much to low. Sleeved on 24/01. Anyone else had this problem
  4. lillibelle

    Day two post surgery

    Gastric sleeve on the 24th. Diarrhoea in hospital. Came home Sunday now constipated. Took resource drink yesterday and it went straight through me.
  5. lillibelle

    Day two post surgery

    Thanks for reply. I think it was the liquid Panadol that caused it. Stopped taking it and feeling lots better. Going home today so no more chicken broth! Looking forward to thin shakes etc.
  6. Did anyone have diarrhoea
  7. lillibelle


    thanks that's about what I thought it would be
  8. lillibelle

    Pre op diet

    What was anyone’s daily diet
  9. lillibelle


    what out of pocket expenses did anyone have
  10. lillibelle

    january sleever

    just got a date for january. how did anyone cope with the pre op diet
  11. lillibelle

    october 2018

    I'm only at the first stage of pre gastric sleeve surgery. Had bloods done today. Going to the UK for 3 weeks. Seeing bariatric assessors and dietitian on 31st October, then having endoscopy 1st November.