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    Travel, beach, skiing, movies, hanging out with my kids & hubby (I want to be able to enjoy all these things in a healthier, fitter way with my family)
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  1. Bought size 16 & 18 clothes at my favourite boutique sale. Early March I was size 20 to 22.

    1. julie.


      ohhhh i love it. Well done. I bet u cant wipe the smile off your face!

  2. Ok, it's taken 10.5 weeks, but I have now just lost 10kg. Slower than most I know, but not from lack of trying my best. Hope that's the end of the plateau for some time..

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    2. dreamhan


      Doesn't matter how long - you have lost and that is amazing well done!

    3. dreamhan


      Doesn't matter how long - you have lost and that is amazing well done!

    4. My Year '11

      My Year '11

      Am now proudly in double digits. I will not get up and over 100kg ever again. In a month or so I will weigh as much as my husband. Who is a normal weight. Can't wait.

  3. got some really awful things happening in my life atm and struggling not to comfort eat :'(

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    2. thisisit2010


      hang in there and at least you know why your feeling like comfort eating. We all been there just try not to be too hard on yourself while things arent going so well in your life at the moment. Remember it will only get better for you and you will be back on track

      Talk here always helps

      Suzie x

    3. My Year '11

      My Year '11

      Thanks ladies! At least stress is great for weight loss. Would prefer to do it the right way though. Thank goodness for all you lovely ladies and this site!

    4. ashnz


      Hi, hows life going? Hope your getting through your awful stuff ok without sabotaging yourself. If you do don't beat yourself up tomorrow is another day so we just pick ourselves up dust off and get back on track. Take care!

  4. Kind of depressing that no-ones noticed I've lost nearly 10kg. Esp when I haven't seen them for weeks :(

    1. Amie


      who cares about them as long as you can notice :)

    2. Shorty


      I've not mentioned my band to my friends and am in the same boat. Don't let it get you down as someone said to me, perhaps they like you for you and don't see your extra kilos!!

    3. Beth


      That sucks. It's nice to be given credit where credit is due. But the good news is, you're losing weight!! Keep it up, 10kgs is amazing. x

  5. My Year '11

    In need of some support please

    You know that it's a problem. Tomorrow is a new day. We all have the days where we are tired or emotional. We just need to be aware of it and do our best tomorrow. I know I can relate, otherwise I wouldn't have a weight problem. I think most would think the same thing. Chin up!
  6. Another fill in the morning. I hope it helps. My progress is so slow and disheartening

  7. Another fill in the morning. I hope it helps. My progress is so slow and disheartening

  8. Jogged by butt off again today, let's see at the end of the week if the scales are going for a fly out the window or not!

    1. Beth


      Go you! I look forward to being able to run, it's one of my NSV's!!

    2. Natta Maria

      Natta Maria

      Keep up the good work and it will happen :)

    3. My Year '11

      My Year '11

      Getting so down, I know my body is losing it my clothes are getting looser but nope, the scales won't give it up! They are new ones too. lol

  9. My Year '11

    10 Kgs gone! Yay!

    That' so brilliant. You must be so happy. I wish! I hate my scales. I exercise, I'm jogging and cycling again- really hard and eating really well. I guess I'm almost there. Just gotta keep trucking. I'm feeling good so I guess that's kind of a bonus..
  10. My Year '11

    Oh No! My Appetite has returned!

    I agree with Julie, keep the fluids up and keep occupied. I was exactly the same. Even after my first fill. I went back after two weeks to get another and my next is again in two weeks. I'm eating less but I still have the days of endless pit..don't worry, hang in there.
  11. I'm still getting this pain and it's been 9 weeks since i was banded. I used to have it bad. I am now exercising and jogging again but still get it. Not sure what causes it for me. I hope it goes away soon.
  12. I've been banded for about 9 weeks now and had 2 fills. I can't physically eat 3 meals a day, whether I'm hungry or not. My Doc said the same thing to me but did say if you aren't hungry have a bit of juice, a fruit or skim yogurt. It doesn't have to be a traditional meal as i used to have, eg say a sandwich. So I instead of having 3 full meals a day as I did pre band, I know have 4 or 5 little meals and then I have one proper meal either for lunch or dinner. It's been really helping me then to actually know if I'm hungry or am eating from habit or boredom, which I have always had a MAJOR problem with. I actually am forced to eat well and make good food choices now, because I know how little I can eat and know I need to get the good stuff into me.
  13. really working my butt of in the gym & at last the weight is dropping. Oh is that all it takes??!!? lol

    1. Beth


      OHHH, so THAT'S what I'm missing!! :P

  14. started jogging this week, first time since surgery 7 weeks ago.

    1. Natta Maria

      Natta Maria

      Bet your feeling fantastic !!

    2. Nola


      Wow, that is fantastic,great achievement! (Wish i could jog.)

  15. spending Mother's Day at the gym, then a swim. Then grocery shopping. Hopefully going out for tea, if the kids 'feel like it' lol