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  1. Worried84

    November 2018 sleevers?

    Hi everyone! I’m booked to get the gastric sleeve done on the 13th of November. Anyone else booked in?
  2. Worried84

    Band removed pre sleeve

    Hi! New to this forum. I’ve had my band removed 3 weeks ago after 10years due to really bad reflux and bad eating habits. My band was too tight and I was throwing up a lot but maintaining my ideal weight. I knew this wasn’t right and want to be healthy. So i got it removed and waiting another 5 weeks till the sleeve. I’m that 3 weeks I have put on 10KGs!!! And that’s with following optifast diet keeping to under 1200 calories a day with 40min exercise. I keep putting on weight with no slowing down. I’m really worried how big I’m going to get in the next month! i guess my body is getting used to different food intake but seriously when will it get back to normal!!! Hoping someone else has had a similar experience and can give me an insight? thank you :)