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    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    That's an amazing loss Zaruse. I'm a fair bit jealous that you've been able to lose that in 6 months. I am sure you will be at that goal before Christmas and looks like you have a good goal for the new year.
  2. HeidiF


    Mine was a flat fee of $3500 and then my private hospital excess
  3. HeidiF

    october 2018

    Thanks you too
  4. HeidiF

    october 2018

    I am trying to remind myself that any loss is a good loss just concerned it's going to start creeping up as soon as the calories go up a bit. I know what you mean about mood swings though. I don't think it helps that there are lots of other things going on in my life. I think I'm also a bit blah as it's my birthday and I can't even have cake haha
  5. HeidiF

    october 2018

    How are all the October sleevers going? I had my sleeve on the 22nd of October and am going ok food wise, not really hungry. But I'm a bit disappointed on how much weight I have actually lost. The past 2 weeks I've only lost 2 kilos which is a bit disheartening. Given I'm probably only eating around 500-600 calories a day and still coming in a bit over 105 kilos I'm a bit sad the loss is so small. I'm concerned that if I eat more I'd be putting on weight even though I'd still not be eating much. I've always struggled losing weight and one of the reasons I've always got disheartened is the effort for the results never really weighed up. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. HeidiF

    November 2018 sleevers?

    All surgeries carry risk. I was pretty dedicated to sticking to the diet before surgery to try and help mitigate those risks. I also worried about staple leaking post surgery. But I am a fairly terrible over thinker. I think a mixture if worry and excitement is normal.
  7. HeidiF

    November 2018 sleevers?

    I had my gastric sleeve sleeve last week. How are you doing with your preparation?