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    Weigh In Wednesday

    Can't remember when I checked in last but I'm sitting at 93 even today so averaging around a kilo a week. Bring on the 80s. I have a check up next month so fingers crossed my weight will start with an 8
  2. HeidiF


    I don't react well to anesthetics or pain relief. Mostly I wanted to improve my fitness and lose weight to make the surgery easier. If you're over certain bmis the risks are higher. I was lucky that even before surgery my only issue was my weight though and I didn't have any other health issues.
  3. HeidiF


    I think earlier the better. I went in around 5 months before surgery. I waited for it to be a good time for me to have the surgery. I had 1 pre op dietician appointment where they ran through opti fast and options. I have had 1 post op dietician appointment. As for the surgery they weren't pushy. They asked my history and circumstances. Talked about age and long term risks. I has been leaning between a sleeve and a bypass but from talking it through a bit more I opted for a sleeve. My body can react badly to things and I was concerned that a bypass and I may not mix as well. I do think he has done a higher proportion of sleeves. The advantage of the ball rolling early is I went on a diet earlier. I tried to lose as much as I could even before optifast to help minimize surgery risks. It helped me get healthier before surgery. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. HeidiF


    Hi I'm from adelaide and has a gastric sleeve done with Dr Teague at Ashford hospital though most of my appointments have been with Dr Sabine who is lovely. There gap for a sleeve was $3500 plus if you have a gap on your health fund. I think I also paid for 1 consult with Dr Teague but can't remember the cost - maybe $170. The gap is higher for bypass though - I think $4k. They also want you to book in for the dietician which depending on hour cover will also be out of pocket. I have had 2 check ups so far post up and they are all bulk billed. I have another check up in March. I think they are around quarterly with them for the first year but they tell you to ring them if you have any issues. I was really happy with them. They were very upfront about the risks involved and that I could pull out at any time if I wanted to. Equally he also said if he didn't think I was making the right steps before surgery he would also delay the surgery as he won't do anything with unnecessary risk. I did find Dr Teague a bit confronting but equally it is a big decision and it did make me really think about things. Hope that helps :-)
  5. HeidiF

    Weigh In Wednesday

    1.2 kilos loss this week and officially 3 months post surgery with a loss of 18.4 kilos. Loss seems to be pretty steady which is nice. Still discovering my eyes are bigger than my belly sometimes but at least knowing when to stop. Have a follow up towards the end of March and am hoping I might just crack in to the 80s. 6.6 kilos to go
  6. HeidiF

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I haven't actually posted about my weight since I started on here. I weighed 3 weeks and was 102.4 and then thought would give myself a reprieve of the weekly weigh ins over the Christmas break and was pleasantly surprised by a weigh in of 98.5 - yay double digits - so a loss of 3.9 in 3 weeks which is more than I had been losing. I started at 130 before doing diet for a couple of months and 4 weeks of opti and was 114.9 on my date of surgery on 22nd of October. Really happy with how I'm progressing and started at the gym last week to help with my fitness, mental health and hopefully to tone up.
  7. HeidiF


    My dad had it a few years ago quite severely and it took them a while to figure out what was wrong. The treatment was really effective though (his levels were exceptionally high) and he doesn't have issues now so fingers crossed
  8. HeidiF

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    That's an amazing loss Zaruse. I'm a fair bit jealous that you've been able to lose that in 6 months. I am sure you will be at that goal before Christmas and looks like you have a good goal for the new year.
  9. HeidiF


    Mine was a flat fee of $3500 and then my private hospital excess
  10. HeidiF

    october 2018

    Thanks you too
  11. HeidiF

    october 2018

    I am trying to remind myself that any loss is a good loss just concerned it's going to start creeping up as soon as the calories go up a bit. I know what you mean about mood swings though. I don't think it helps that there are lots of other things going on in my life. I think I'm also a bit blah as it's my birthday and I can't even have cake haha
  12. HeidiF

    october 2018

    How are all the October sleevers going? I had my sleeve on the 22nd of October and am going ok food wise, not really hungry. But I'm a bit disappointed on how much weight I have actually lost. The past 2 weeks I've only lost 2 kilos which is a bit disheartening. Given I'm probably only eating around 500-600 calories a day and still coming in a bit over 105 kilos I'm a bit sad the loss is so small. I'm concerned that if I eat more I'd be putting on weight even though I'd still not be eating much. I've always struggled losing weight and one of the reasons I've always got disheartened is the effort for the results never really weighed up. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. HeidiF

    November 2018 sleevers?

    All surgeries carry risk. I was pretty dedicated to sticking to the diet before surgery to try and help mitigate those risks. I also worried about staple leaking post surgery. But I am a fairly terrible over thinker. I think a mixture if worry and excitement is normal.
  14. HeidiF

    November 2018 sleevers?

    I had my gastric sleeve sleeve last week. How are you doing with your preparation?