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  1. AmyZ

    Removal of Band

    How are you going now KimmyKay?? I feel bloody wonderful... I Feel like I can breath. I can eat i can have lunch and not need to run off for a spew. Its wonderful. The sleeve well I dont know if I will go there. I had my band for the better part of 15 years and i was a kid... Time to try on my own... for a bit! Its always an options for me one day.
  2. AmyZ

    Removal of Band

    So I was a member here for a lot of years - and its all sort of gone to hell!. 15 years I was a kids when i got it done - 15 years ago it was done when I was 15! I have had nothing but trouble all this time - but always made to feel like its normal. I saw the surgeons again recently - they did more scans, And BAM! there is a problem and its causing issues with fertility etc etc. I have a pouch! my stomach has expanded and pouched above my band. Just got the call and its coming out this week - Scary! Not because im getting surgery but because I dont know how to live without my band! Has anyone else had theres removed after so long and started to freak out a little?