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  1. Hi Nannytan I have had a very similar experience. Banded 2011 and no issues until last month when I started having reflux at knight and vomiting up blood. Dr did a scope and found asophigitice or ulcers. So band emptied at moment which is stressing me out as I have put on weight. Next scope in 4 weeks and then Dr said if all clear he will replace fill and get me back on track. That is if I can stay away from the beers. I would recommend getting some fill back in slowly slowly.
  2. Natrat073

    Getting back on track

    Hi I have the exact same issue as you but driven by family loss and work pressures. I am really struggling to give up the alcohol entirely as cravings are killing me. I have put on 12 kgs in last 9 months and it just keeps creeping on and on. I am really disappointed and down with myself and just cant seem to break the cycle. Really considering getting a sleeve.
  3. Natrat073

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    Hi All I have suffered with band overfill for last 12 or so months. Could hardly eat anything that wasn't mush. Fill removed two weeks ago and slowly building up again now. I didn't loose any weight in over fill time. Actually started to gain weight towards the end because I would drink my calories. Hoping to get my mojo back