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  1. Hi everyone I’m after some advice please. so I was banded in May I’ve followed directions to a tea. But I have not been able to eat solid foods yet I continually vomit no matter what I put in my mouth. Yes it’s worked in I’ve lost weight and not eating big amounts. Whatever I try I bring straight back up so not a very good way of losing weight. i have 5 cc’s in my band atm I was at 6 cc’s but I could not eat or drink I lasted 3 days then was put in emergency room I they removed 3 cc’s that helped but weight started going back on. My surgeon wasn’t stressed said it had to be my fault I was eating wrong or to quick. Well guess what I am only eating soup, yoghurt or puréed porridge. I’m sure that isn’t wrong so he started filling me up again even though I’ve told him I cannot eat even a teaspoon of anything. He filled in .5 cc’s and Now back to 5ccs as I said. its been 7 months I have only eaten and kept down a total of a weeks worth of food in that time. It’s getting worse and worse I can’t even drink soup now. Getting hard to drink water. I constantly vomit im sure there’s swelling involved but the pain in my chest is so bad, the complications from vomiting are ridiculous ive tried the warm drink before eating, muscle relaxants, heat pack anything else I can think of i need help or need to know what to say to my surgeon to make him listen