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  1. Oh I did try the banana flavour too, I like it but it's salty at the bottom, so I leave a cm or two in there and just don't drink that last bit
  2. I like them all except the vanilla, my fav being strawberry, I'm not much of a coffee person, but do love the coffee one as a change from chocolate... I didn't like any of the bars, I liked the soups, both of them, and haven't tried the deserts. 14 months post op i still have a shake each day for breaky ;o)
  3. TraceyG

    Dr David Yong

    Yeah I went Public with Dr Dolan back when he was still doing it and it was $1200, and I have a friend who went Private with him and it was the same, but I agree, money well spent! Now 30kg down and feeling great!
  4. TraceyG

    Saw The Bariatrician Today

    Yes Strawberry IS the best, they should make that in the big box and make Chocolate in the small box, just my opinion! haha Good luck!
  5. TraceyG

    What to expect following banding

    Hi Tash, I was banded with Dr Dolan in April 2011 and he was fantastic, I had minimal discomfort after the op and no vomiting at all. I think everyones experience is different, as is their pain tolerance. I was back at work within a few days, but I work for myself with my sister so I was able to do light duties, I would suggest taking a couple of weeks off at least if you have a heavy sort of job. The only other thing I can say is that for a couple of days after the surgery I was very tired, the aneasthetic knocked me around a bit. Good luck and I hope your experience is as easy as mine was. Tracey
  6. TraceyG

    Making a start

    Good luck, I was the same as you when I started on the Optifast, now 9 months later I still have a protein shake of some sort every morning for breakfast, you will be surprised how your taste buds change on this journey! ;o)
  7. TraceyG

    do u regrett it?

    I have not regretted this for 1 day, though some days when I choose something healthy for lunch and I know Im doing the right thing, but I still cant get it down its a bit discouraging... I must say I love my band though!
  8. TraceyG

    1 month post op

    Hi there, good to hear you are going well and seem in good spirits, I find right after a fill I have a surge of energy to do well again. I just had my 3rd fill a couple of weeks ago, and Im now up to 9ml, and wow. Before this fill I was like you, if something got stuck I would just wash it down with a drink to make that uncomfortable feeling go away, well that doesnt work anymore! Things will only come up and not down so I feel like I have got to the business end of my journey for sure!! Good luck for the rest of your journey!
  9. TraceyG

    Another newbie

    Hi There, nice to see a fellow Eeyore fan! I was banded by Dr Dolan, and dont know Dr Basson, but I did see a post on here with his name on it a few days ago, maybe try doing a search on him? Anyway good luck, hope everyting works out well for you!
  10. TraceyG

    Pain in the middle of back

    Yes! I used to get this when I ate too much, now I have learnt to control how much I should eat, and my band is helping me now that I have restriction, so havent had it for a while, but I would say thats what it is. It felt like a migraine in between my shoulder blades!
  11. TraceyG

    Does anyone know if Dr Dolan

    I had 1.5 in, only found out when I went for my first fill though! haha My dad also had 1.5 but they took it out after looking at his swallow test the day after surgery.
  12. TraceyG

    Psychologist not required?

    I see on Youtube that alot of people who are banded in the US are forced to go to a Psych, but I think that is too because their medical insurance is paying for the procedure and they want to be sure the patient is sure of what they are doing and also what will be involved and required of them afterwards. My doctor didnt require it, though I did have to go to the dietician, and that was to explain the Optifast part, and also all of the stages afterward, not only that I had to do it, but WHY I needed to do it, which I found interesting, the doctor paid for that so obviously it was included in his fee, so he must have considered it important. I think the prior comment was right too though, the doctors get a feel for who is serious and who is not, a friend of mine went to an appointment with my doctor and she wasnt sure, just wanted to know more, and he pretty much said to her she isnt ready, to go away and diet and exercise and then if she still feels like she needs to do it to come back in a year and see him, and she agreed with him, just needed that reassurance I guess...
  13. TraceyG

    Nervous & looking for reassurance

    Ok well then thats me! I had no complications during surgery, had my barium swallow test the morning after and was able to leave the hospital that afternoon. I flew home on a plane 3 days afterward and went back to work 4 days post op. The only thing I can say is that the aneasthetic made me tired for a couple of days, but I still went shopping 1 day post op and only slept at night. I have now been banded almost 5 months, I have lost over 20kg, and feel great. Im up to step 3 on the couch 2 5k program, and feel so energetic every single day. You will be fine! I didnt sleep for about a week before my surgery because I was scared and anxious, but nothing went wrong and I wouldnt change my decision for the world!
  14. TraceyG

    Has anyone else been told ...

    Mine told me 70kg, I started at 120. I have read on here that 2/3 is what certain doctors consider a 'successful' patient, anything more than that is the cream on the top. 70kg will still have me in the overweight BMI category, but only just and I think that is a realistic goal, when I get to that I will see how I feel.
  15. TraceyG

    what is going on ?

    I had Dr Dolan and I have 4, I think thats pretty normal. Fuschia, I have white skin and purple scars, some people are just lucky I guess, but I also have had 3 babies and wouldnt bare my belly because of the stretch marks anyway! lol