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  1. Fay12

    Loosing weight

    hello everyone hopefully someone can help me. I’ve been trying to loose 10 for so long. And it’s not happening at all buy eating healthy and exercising. Does anyone have so tips that will help me loose the weight. For example. Meal replacement.....
  2. Fay12


    Thank you for your support. I have made an appointment with the surgeon on the 17 th. Hopefully it goes well. I feel so ashamed to go back in!!
  3. Fay12


    Hello everyone I’ve had a gastric sleeve done about 6 years ago and I’ve the first couple of years was great. My start weight was 105kg and I reached my goal weight of 67kg with the first year. But after having two babies I’ve managed to gain weight. My current weight is 81kg. I feel like a failure!! I am able to eat so much it’s crazy. It’s like I haven’t even had a sleeve done I’ve been trying to loose the weight for so long. I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 days a week for the past 3 months. As well as eating super healthy. But the scales aren’t moving!! can someone tell me why it’s so hard to loose weight. Is it because I’ve had a failed sleeve? its not normal to not loose weight with Everything that I’m doing I’m thinking to get a resleeve I’ll really appreciate it if some one in my situation can share their experience with me. What did you do to loos the weight again?