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    Band x2 to GB?

    Hi all, newbie here. I had a LB in 2007, had great success from 148kg down to 70kg, then redeveloped an eating disorder and got down to 56kg (at 5'11) absuing my band and then I had a slip, terrible hypokalemia and wound up extremely ill, 48kgs and with the band removed (2010). I had extensive scaring which was fixed up by my new amazing surgeon and went on about my life post band removal, fast forward 4 years and I had gained back 60kg, had a new band inserted but then fell pregnant. Ive not had as much weight loss with the 2nd band (I hover around 105-109kg) but had had a pouch, pretty terrible reflux and crippling osesphageal spasms which have left me with an empty band at present. I have discussed GS with my surgeon but shes reluctant, i have been trialing saxceda which has kept me from gaining weight with no restriction in my band but i am not losing any, still have reflux and the occasional spasm. I am looking at requesting GB but am really scared about more surgery and any potential damage to my stomach caused by previous surgeries/the band. I know band to GB is common but has anyone had 2 failed bands then gone to GB with much success? Ive got un diagnosed high blood pressure and I want to be around for my son, but am worried that a GB will be too risky, and or not deliver the weight loss i need to be in a reasonably healthy weight range. I would love to not have reflux and spasms too as a bonus!