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    Hi. I'm one month post ESG. I had it in the UK. I would like to start sharing my experience here but I'm not sure if people on this forum are still participating, I see most of comments are from couple of years ago. Alia.
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    Hi Samantha. The difference is ESG is non surgical, nothing is removed from your body, it's done through the mouth. I'm now 53 days post op. At the beginning, It wasn't as easy to me as some people described it on YouTube videos. But now I'm doing much better, every day I feel better than the previous one. Please let me know if you need to know more about it. Alia.
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    Hello Carol! Thanks so much for replying. I gave up that someone would ever reply to my post. I'm really desperate to find groups or well trusted forum for ESG people. Yes PLEASE I do need to be a member the fb groups. If it's possible. Many thanks and please stay in touch. Alia.