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    Im a mumma of 3, married to a wonderful man, love to garden, hang out as a family, watch movies, be outdoors. Enjoy the company of others that are honest and true! Laugh, listen to music, renovate our home, walks on the beach, watching live comedy, hanging with good company and have a happy simple life!
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  1. kelz

    Attention Perth Ladies

    Hi i would be keen if you have any clothes left?? im in Wanneroo so not far. let me know thanks kelz ps wow what a wonderful feeling for you!!
  2. kelz

    Best friends...

    Congratulations, its a good feeling isnt it! Kelz
  3. kelz

    In need of some support please

    I havent been on site for a few days, missed it, but been feeling very low. I have alot of stressful challanges Im dealing with at the mo, and the past 3 days I have turned to my old pal JUNK FOOD (my foods are biscuits, chocolate and chips), so Ive seriuosly pigged out on them. Havent eaten anything decent, just junk. Feel even more crap because of it, as since having the band I have been so good. Why oh why, well I know why, as I have ALWAYs eaten my emotions, thus the reason for being so fat at the tender age of 37! I know I cant change the past few days eating habits, but I really wanted to own up to it, and post it here for every one to see. Yep I have failed the test the past few days. I sooooo want to have that super full feeling, you know that comfort level, but I know I cant (which is a good thing!) I know this is a journey and tommmorow is a new day, so hopefully I will be feeling a bit better, will hopefully be able to drag myself on to the treadmill and push through. Thanks for listening. Please tell me someone can relate????
  4. kelz


    Ive done the same thing today, eaten my emotions really badly, can relate! Take it easy, its a journey we are all on together Kelz
  5. kelz

    Stretched too thin...

    Feel your pain Beth, take it easy! Kelz
  6. Thanks to you all for your commments - food for thought so to speak HA! Kelz
  7. Hi I was reading a post earlier, and it got me thinking. I have seen some comments saying if your not hungry then the dr recommends you dont eat, it sort of makes sense to me, but isnt there a miniumn of food our bodies require for energy and heatlth? I would have thought eating at least 3 small meals a day is a good healthy thing, but now Im not sure. I drink alot of water and have supplements, but sometimes I do eat because its lunchtime and not necesarily because Im hungry ..... Im a little confused! Anyways would love to hear what you all have to say about this Kelz
  8. kelz

    Hunger signs

    Im on and off, sometimes I wake up starving, other days not But is it good not to eat at least 3 small meals a day, as wont we be starving our bodies??? This has got me thinking now Kel z
  9. Im so happy to have found this website! Went on the treadmill for 25 mins and decided not to beat myself up for the slack eating (still wasnt as bad as I use to, old habits die hard)

  10. kelz

    It happened to me

    Well done, good on you! Its such a wonderful feeling,and clothes dont lie!!! Kelz
  11. kelz

    Perth NOR Catch Up

    I dont mind either way, as I have kids too, but just want to know what you were thinking Kelz
  12. Feeling VERY flat the past couple of days, and I dont know WHY!! Been eating bikies (bad old habits) - Whats wrong? And Why am I eating bad stuff?

    1. thisisit2010


      hey Kelz hang in there and try to stay strong. We all go thru times like that, hit the treadmill lol


    2. Shorty


      Habits are hard to break. There probably isn't a reason why but tomorrow is a new day. Start fresh again then.

    3. kelz


      Thanks ladies, GREAT idea, going to the treadmilll now!!!!


  13. kelz

    Perth NOR Catch Up

    Hi Danielle Great idea, it will be great to meet some people. Just checking, are we walking?? Just us girls (ie: No kids)??? Kelz
  14. Not really anything else to add, but I found iceblocks a nice refresher to have afterwards, but you will get them when you are there Good luck Kelz
  15. kelz

    Today is the big op day

    Hi Good luck I hope it goes well! Kelz