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  1. Hey everyone, I am booked in for my surgery in early Feb 2o2o...just over 6 months and counting. Words can't describe how excited I am, I feel like I'm waiting for my life to begin. I'm also scared because I imagine it can get depressing not being able to eat how you used to eat, especially if you comfort eat like I do. I am getting the gastric sleeve as sometime in the future I would like kids so bypass isn't an option. I'm getting it done in Canberra, Australia by Charles Mosse. Anyone here had their surgery with him? I know I still have a while to go but is there anything I should be doing in preparation? Can anyone recommend any good recipe books/websites so I can start slowly changing what I eat? I don't see the dietician until Jan 2020 so any advice would be appreciated. It would be nice to chat to others who have had the surgery/getting it done, because I don't know anyone in this position and as supportive as my partner is, he doesn't understand what it feels like to be overweight your whole life. I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to share their story with me!