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  1. justmecq


    I actually think because you're only in your 3rd week post banding you just haven't got your appetite back.......yet. It'll happen. My appetite was back at about 3 weeks post op......and it was difficult because, with little or no fill in your band you have nothing stopping you from eating.......only willpower.
  2. Given that we all have different brands and sizes of bands, the amount of fill, that is right, is soooooooooo different for everyone. I've got 11ml in a 12ml swedish band and still need slightly more.
  3. justmecq

    The Journey to the NEW ME

    You look fantastic!!!! Cheryl
  4. justmecq

    Am I doomed to Fail Lap Band?

    Helen, Don't beat yourself up over something that's done! I think you'd find a lot of us had a cheat on the optifast. The object is to shrink the liver. You've got one week, so find that confidence and get back on the optifast and do what you know you need to do. $18,000.00 is a lot of money so use that as your goal. You can do it! Good luck. Cheryl
  5. I don't keep it a secret. My friends know and my family know and my work colleagues know and if any of them have a problem with that, then that's their issue. I don't live my life to keep them happy. However, there are some people whom I wish I had never told. My weight loss is a very slowwwwww process and only now, after my 3rd fill, am I feeling restriction (11 ml in a 12 ml band). I mention this because I have one friend in particular who constantly asks me "how much weight have you lost now" and I just want to tell her to "shut the f#@% up"! Isn't it funny how people always know someone who's had lapband and they want to portray that person's (who you don't know) story to you. For example this friend said to me "one of my customers says she's lost 30 kilos in 30 weeks" (thereby drawing a comparison to me), and it really irritates me! Eventually I'll get there. 99% of people who know about my lapband really pay it no attention and that's how it should be because it is a long journey and it's my journey. Cheryl
  6. justmecq

    So Upset and Angry

    BeeBop I'm glad you cleared up a couple of the queries I had and let me say this; After reading your posts, you come across as being informed and mature so, as long as you have open lines of communication with at least your mum, and she's behind you 100% then you take the direction you need to take to get you to your goal. If I think back to when I was your age (eons ago) I too would have got the support of my mum and not my dad. Good luck Cheryl
  7. justmecq

    So Upset and Angry

    Without really having any knowledge of how much weight it is you are carrying, it's difficult to be critical of your father. He may think that what you have to lose is achievable on your own, and you being only 18 years of age, may have misinterpreted his view. He may be objecting out of concern for you or, his objections may come from a financial perspective in that the operation does not come cheap. If your mother has opted to fund the op at a cost of anywhere out of pocket between $3,000 and $15,000 and this is out of the "joint" family finances, then I think you need to win your dad over because it's a big ask. I had private cover and my out of pocket was $5,000. Without knowing what your circumstance is, it's difficult. Hopefully your parents are in a private health fund and the financial burden is not at the big end of the scale. I hope it all works out well for you. Cheryl
  8. justmecq

    Blah to Band to Brand

    Love the way you write....... Cheryl
  9. Is it just me, or are there others that feel the type and size of band placed at surgery is relevant to everyone but the patient? I recall asking after the op what size the band was, and I was off-handedly told 10ml and I had 3 ml put in at surgery. I don't know about you, but I came home from hospital and googled it and convinced myself I had the Allergan Lap-Band APS. I had my first fill on Friday and my surgeon mentioned the band was Swedish? It wasn't what I was expecting so I enquired as to the size. My surgeon said it's the Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band (SAGB) 12ml band and he put 6ml in at the time of the op and 2ml in with first fill giving me a total of 8ml and expecting to have eventually 11.5ml in the band. I was totally on the wrong track. Anyway now I know. Do you all know what type and size band you have? Is it important for you to know? It was for me. Let me know your thoughts. Cheryl
  10. Sarah I came home from first fill yesterday. 12ml band with 6ml in it at op and 2ml yesterday so 8 ml now and no restriction of anything I ate for dinner last night. Hunger is still there. :( BTW I've watched your YT posts. Great stuff! I got sick of watching the Americans. Cheryl

  11. justmecq

    Bandster Hell

    I have heard it mentioned before about "Bandster Hell".........you know, that time between having surgery and the first fill? First week post op no hunger......a couple of days into the second week got a bit hungry and my surgeon advised ok to go onto thicker foods and graduate this over the next two weeks. My first fill this Friday will be three weeks and two days from surgery, which was on 09/03/2011 and I must say, my hunger is back to pre-op days. I'm not losing any weight now simply because I'm eating more than 1/2 cup of compacted food for lunch and dinner. Yesterday for instance: Breakfast: 1 x Optifast Lunch: Cottage Cheese, Tuna, Egg (Cottage cheese with chopped up cherry tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley - tuna (small can drained) mixed with mayo - Egg boiled and mixed with a bit of mayo and curry powder) (This is all in a container that would fit a sandwich) Snack: Plum (while I was driving home from work) Dinner: 4 x cruskits smeared with nuttlex, light ricotta cheese, cherry tomato, smoked salmon. Snack: 6 prunes (pitted and soft) I'm not eating rubbish but probably eating too much, so I'm hoping the fill pulls me back into line a bit. Please tell me I'm not the only one that suffers from Bandster Hell!!!! Cheryl
  12. You'll do just fine. It's a struggle for some. I'm about to have my first fill and it can't come soon enough because my hunger is back to normal. Go to the "introductions" and look down for the heading Lap Band Solution Dr Paul O'Brien......read what I wrote and get the book. It's a must have and I can't understand why it's not given to every patient!...

  13. I'm eating so much less than what I used to but I guess it's still way more than a compacted 1/2 a glass of food. I now know why people are so keen to get their first fill but I also understand why the first fill is 4 weeks after op. Actually mine will be 3 weeks and 2 days.

  14. I get my first fill this Friday 01/04/2011 and I'll be discussing some "real" restriction with my surgeon because my son's wedding is on the 30/04/2011 and I would really love to have lost some kilos. I want my son's wedding photos to be focused on him and his beautiful bride and not his fat mum. I thought the Bandster Hell period was a bit of a myth but its so so real. My hunger is back with avengance of a night, just picking at things.

  15. justmecq

    The Lap-Band Solution by Dr Paul O'Brien

    Thanks ladies, I just hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere and when I read it I couldn't believe what a great source of information it was and a very easy read. I wish somebody had given it to me a lot sooner than I had to find it. Cheryl