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  1. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had their band removed due to reflux, and if so, was it successful in stopping the reflux issue? Thanks
  2. JoP

    Band removal due to reflux

    Thanks Happyfrog. That's very kind of you. I have a big decision to make. The meds do manage it quite well for me too - so I don't think I have damaged my oesophagus - fortunately (although I am well overdue for a gastroscopy). I never thought I would get rid of the band, but I have been told that long term use of the medications can inhibit iron and calcium absorption - which explains why I can't get my iron up to decent levels even with supplements, and the calcium issue greatly increases my risk of osteoporosis. And there is likely to be other nutrients not being absorbed as well. So, time for me to re-think and consider my long term health from a holistic viewpoint (rather than just focusing on my weight as I have in the past). Thanks again for your time. Best wishes to you for ongoing good health.
  3. JoP

    Band removal due to reflux

    Hi Happyfrog. Thanks for your reply. I have been told that it is just part and parcel of having the band for me. I am on my third band (have tried different types) but it has now been empty since 2010 as the reflux is intolerable when the band is tightened. I am on medication daily otherwise I suffer constant heartburn, however this medication can have side effects that also concern me, so I am thinking of getting the band removed.