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  1. Hi everyone, I am a new member to this forum. I am really excited to meet likewise people here with similar interests and having great discussion and sharing knowledge on different topics. I might be discussing and actively participating in a lot of health, nutritional and mindset topics. Those are my main focuses in life right now and hopefully I'll learn heaps from all of you. But as my 1st post, I would like to start the discussion with health. It has become a very important focus in my life specially in the last 1.5 years. The reason I mention this timeline is because before that I never actually paid much attention to my food habits or my lifestyle. I was just leading a young naive life as most of us probably do in our 20s. But I stumbled upon a diet called "Keto diet" through a friend a year and half ago and what fascinated me the most about the diet was how quickly people were losing weight by following this diet. I was never a big girl to begin with however I noticed that over the years I gained a bit of weight and my dress size went up. So after doing lots of research on this diet, I got some kinda drive in myself to try it and next thing you know I embarked on this journey. After 1.5 years I am still continuing on this amazing journey however my goal has since changed from weight loss to benefits of keto diet on our overall health. There is a lot of scientific evidence these days which prove how keto diet can help reduce the severity and even prevent some chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Alzheimer's and even Epilepsy seizure episodes and I am the type of person who firmly believes in the saying, "prevention is better than cure". Keto diet has recently picked up a bit of traction in Australia compared to 5 years ago. So I noticed there are now quite few options for people to get keto meals delivered to them and even different keto products which is amazing as this journey itself is quite hard on its own. So having such options could definitely help the beginners to settle in this diet much easily. However one thing I noticed so far that there are not many frozen keto meals available in our supermarkets or local health stores considering how this industry has been growing in the past few years. So I wanted to see if any of you have come across such products in your area where you live or where you normally go for your weekly grocery? If you have, please help to share the brand names as well as the suppliers' names. But if you haven't come across any such product, what are your thoughts on frozen keto meals? Would you try them if they were available to you? Looking forward to getting some interesting responses and feedback from all of you.