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  1. Andy

    Help I'm lopsided...

    I have the same problem. My theory (after no research or any enquiries with any health professional so it's probably BS) is that you're heart is on the left of your body and must use up more energy around it or the cells metabolise more readily on that side because they may get better quality blood with more oxygen??? Maybe because the liver is on the right and is fatty??? As I said just theories.
  2. Andy

    Emotional lunch

    It's awful when someone else is paying and you have a stuck moment or a near miss stuck moment (and don't want to risk continuing). I dont want to offend because ppl are different but I have to admit a steak sandwich would be top of the list of things I would not risk eating in a restaurant. The steak clumps, the bread clumps and I'm guessing there were hot chips with it? I usually go for a soup if I'm feeling tight (say for lunch) or a main meal and swap the chips/mash/bread for salad if it is an evening meal.. But saying that it is all too easy to take a risk. I did dive head first into a Subway share platter today at a work lunch and after one bite had to wrap up the rest "to go"...
  3. Andy

    banded for one year pics

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the encouragement to carry on. Bit shy about being called a 'hottie'... I have made a promise to myself to get to 99kg, it is a slow process because I feel my body is fighting to hold onto every kg. I am from the UK originally and I have booked to go back for the Olympics. No one knows about my weight loss so I think they might get a shock and mistake me for one of the athletes (I wish...haha) but on a serious note it is 3 months so I need to start pushing myself harder and generally steering clear of sugar and alcohol.
  4. I rarely post on here but thought I would give back and share some pics. I have learnt so much off this site. I've had a couple of 'over-fills' in my year banded which have set me back but all in all not too bad. My biggest downfall is I like a drink at the wknd and I would probably be at goal if I knocked that on the head. I like to think I'm slowly growing out of it. The first three pics are in London Jan 2011 and the others are from over Easter 2012. I was 140kg when I started and currently 115kg. Aim is to get to 99, but we shall see. Started playing competitive hockey again this year so that has been a big milestone for me. I also had my teeth done (gap closed) which has helped my self confidence.. Cheers. Andy [i hope this upload function works..]
  5. I have printed that picture/graph to take along to my appt later this week because I think it will be an excellent way to show my doc how much restriction I have The 3 or 4 minutes you have in a 10 min appt to tell him about your restriction is not long enough to summarise 4 to 8 weeks worth of intake of food. Thank you for the link.
  6. Andy

    Cairns GP that does fills?

    Dr Haug at Mcleod Street medical centre. He is really nice and it is $20 gap fee only.
  7. Andy

    Cairns meet and greet

    Yep - that's me! I'm keen, last saturday of October is good for me.
  8. Andy

    What have you broken from being obese?

    I was descending a tree house ladder as a young teen and went through two of the stirrups due to my weight (and i like to think the wood was a bit rotten). Luckily I did not fall to my death because my fat arse got wedged inbetween the vertical ladder sides. I was hanging there for 30 mins until my (skinny) friends stopped laughing enough to go and get an adult to get me down. Not my finest moment but didn't actually scar me mentally as much as you would think.
  9. Andy

    What foods do you suddenly crave?

    Mars Pods. they are my heroin. i can smash a bag in about 15 minutes without thinking about it and I live next door to a convenience store so i have easy access until 10pm at night!
  10. Andy

    Stuck moment

    Hi I don't usually comment much on here but thought I would share my experience yesterday because there really is no one I can tell who would understand. I had a fill on Thursday (0.5ml, now 6ml in a 10), only ate a chicken salad on Friday, then Saturday morning I got up to go to a free Spin class (or RPM some ppl call it I think) my Personal Trainer was running at the gym. I am new to this whole gym thing and I have never done Spin before and she asked me to come and try it out. Well just as I was leaving the house I thought to myself 'jeez I didnt eat much yesterday and no carbs so I better just have something quick' so for some reason I grabbed a handful of nuts and throwing them in my mouth as walking out to the car. I was running really late and could feel the nuts were not going down while driving. It was getting quite painful. I got out the car and walked into the gym and intended on going straight to the bathroom to sort it out but my PT saw me, was panicked about the class starting late and didn't even say hello before rushing me into the Spin room where 20 people were waiting for me to start. She got me on the bike and strapped my feet in before I could say anything, lights off, disco lights on, techno music blasting and before I knew it I was cycling. It was a very surreal moment. 55 minutes later! we finished and my legs were in so much pain I think that was overriding the stuck moment, but yeh, if you want to add Spin class to the list of things to clear a blockage you can! Couldn't eat again for a few hours this morning so this must be the result of that fill I had, amazing what 0.5ml can do...
  11. Andy

    Smoking and the lap band

    I smoke about 4 a day. I wasn't told anything until my pre-admission appt the day before, so my last cigarette was less than 24 hours before surgery and it went ahead ok. I lasted a week post op but was finding it too difficult. I am thinking of giving them up again soon though. The more exercise I do, the more I can feel my lungs are letting me down on my duration and intensity. Plus, they are getting too expensive and everyone is so judgemental these days.
  12. Andy

    2nd fill

    Yeh I got 4ml removed! So back down to 2.5ml which is what I had in there when I was banded. As he was removing it he was asking me to take deep breaths in and out, and he would stop removing the fill when the pain went, but it didn't go! He stopped when he did at my request. I said I would go for a walk and have a glass of water and see how it was, and the water went down ok so we agreed to see how i went and i will go back in a couple of weeks. I had a good sleep last night and have just had a shake this morning. I still feel tender around my diaphram when i take a big breath but hoping that will go. Im guessing that was from when i was reching yesterday morning. I am just going to stick with liquids today if not tomorrow as well. I have learnt a valuable lesson though, small fills from now on, I dont care if it takes me longer, I never want the pain and uncomfort of yesterday. Even though I have dropped about 2kgs in the last 48 hours.
  13. Andy

    2nd fill

    I had my 2nd fill yesterday (from 5ml to 6.5ml) and had soup last night no problem. This morning, one sip of water and i was in agony. Going in to get the 1.5 ml removed at 4pm today but cannot drink water until then and I am so thirsty and short of breath. I shouldn't have made such a jump and just had smaller fills less frequently. This is a horrible feeling!
  14. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 21. Being young and being a male meant i was undiagnosed for 18 months as I am lead to believe it is most common in the more mature ladies. I was near to topping myself during a couple of my 'episodes' the pain was that bad! If that is what child birth is like then RESPECT to mothers! I actually told the doctor in Emergency Room to go shove his gaviscon up his arse once because it was NOT reflux. Have it removed is my advice. If a big enough stone gets stuck you may need urgent surgery and key hole will not be an option. Open surgery has massive risks attached, death being one of them...
  15. Andy

    Eating out

    I went out for a drink tonight. When I turned up everyone had been there hours and wanted to go for a curry, so you can imagine my dread (i haven't eaten out since my op, i am week 4) but I went along. I ordered a chicken satay starter and had a spoon of rice. Chewed it really well so all went down ok but I did have serious menu envy because they OVER ordered loads of different dishes and there was heaps of left-overs and it all looked and smelt sooooo good!.. Just need to get used to this new way of living because at the end of the day I didn't need to gorge on all that food to have a good time. I am happy I stuck to my small portion of which will be even smaller once I start getting fills. It is always going to be a tough transition that will take time.