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  1. I haven't been on here in over a year (thanks to making babies) but I've heat had a newborn seven weeks ago and keep getting some serious pain and wanted people's thoughts. I threw up a lot during pregnancy and fear I damaged my band but moved state and haven't signed up to a new clinic so not sure how to get it checked. I found a go who does bulk billed fills but said for tests I need to see a clinic. Anyway my paid occurs every night between 10-11ish. It radiates from my stomach (feels like my band) all across my diaphragm area (so it's high) and it's cramping. I don't have a gall bladder. I usually end up fluffing lots and that helps relieve symptoms but not entirely. I can barely walk or walk completely hunched over im in so much pain. I haven't noticed any food causing the issue or any amounts of food or time. I don't think I'm over eating etc. any thoughts?
  2. Suzyk

    time for a change

    Your 15 kilo loss already is a great accomplishment and be proud. We all slip up which usually leads to the motivation to be extra strict and we get some seriously weight loss those week or two afterwards. I wish you the very very best and a safe flight to melbourne (where its nice and cold atm )
  3. Suzyk

    4ml in band how much can u eat?

    You are only three weeks post op so you would still have swelling. After surgery I could barely eat anything for weeks. Now, anything less than 6ml and I can eat full size dinner plates with dessert!
  4. Suzyk

    Band themed tattoos

    I have a few tattoos. A large butterfly on my wrist and it's my biggest regret. Tattoos don't go well at job interviews, at formal functions and at my job i have to cover it every day. It's a nuisance there. I have one behind my ear ( a daffodil representing daffodil day for all the family Ive lost to cancer) I have earth on my ankle and a rose with wings and my husbands name on my back. My friend got a square on her breast, you can only see the top of it and she gets told numerous times that she has 'string' sitting there. When people see a small amount they dont understand. So a circle partially seen might be mistaken for a loose strand of your clothing. I'm also not a fan of having to explain why you have a tattoo and think they should be obvious in what they are. Just because when people ask they wait to hear something really profound and normally you just get disappointed faces. Just an opinion obviously and if you love it, your gonna get it
  5. Suzyk

    I'm Done!!

    Yeah I second that. It's usually my first bite that I forget to chew. So off to the toilet (I don't need fingers just a good cough and up it comes) and then continue eating with caution afterwards. I've never been stuck so that I can't bring it back up, I don't wait long enough. As soon as the tiniest bit of pain comes in I'm off to the toilet to cough.
  6. Suzyk

    I'm Done!!

    chips and chocolate are sliders foods so i'm really happy to hear your seeing a pyschologist. so many people on here dont n i'm amazed its not compulsory. they are nothing like a dietician n really can help fix head hunger. i wish you all the best and please when you do slip up (we all do) go back to the place you are in now and remember why you are doing this. and keep those pychologist and dietician numbers handy.
  7. i coughed for about three days and had the sorest throat before the cold and runny nose finally showed up. it could be your band call your clinic. not a good side effect if it is one.
  8. Okay so I got some fill out and last night I finished a lean cuisine hot pot. Is that too much or about the right serving?

    1. Mookie


      Is that a small bowl meal or a frozen dinner?

  9. Juststarting, I had the band for 18months before I decided i couldn't wait anymore and decided to have a baby. It the 18months I had lost 20 kilos which I am very happy about but I find it hard to contribute it to the band. I had a personal trainer 5 days a week for an hour and half a day and I was eating only lite n easy. That was the only time I noticed a difference and it costed me a fortune (on top of the band that was expensive enough). I also stopped breast feeding three months ago and got fill in straight away and haven't been able to loose any weight. I don't eat more than 1200 calories a day but I dont get to exercise much with a baby around but I still get my 10,000 steps per day. I understand I'm pregnant again but I've had morning sickness for over a month now and can barely eat. Also I hate the feeling of the band and the restriction and the stuck moments. I really dont find life satisfying. I wont think about a bypass until I'm done having children but its always in the back of my mind.
  10. OMG that is a relief to hear. I was at 7ml in my 10 ml band and couldn't eat anything until night time. So I ate a lot of sliders. I just had .5ml taken out and it seems better but now I can eat a large meal from maccas (does not help it is across the road from my house and I can always smell it) and I'm thinking I need some put back in. I'm going to rest here a little while because the 7ml hurt me a lot and I want to recover. I too was thinking bypass next year
  11. Suzyk


    Missy_belle, I think sliders are a problem for me. Or just incorrect food choices all together. Big Mac's have been going down easy and help with my morning sickness so I'm always fighting the urge to walk across the road and eat one. When I've had my three meals a day but feel like a snack, its not unlike me to grab a spoon and the peanut butter. When I think back to being 25kilos lighter, I know it was because I worked my ass off at the gym and carefully controlled my eating. With a baby I'm struggling to find the time to do that. I need to be more prepared and have better control. I need to go back to seeing the dietician and food pysch. Futura... I hope you give the band a little bit more time. But the sleeve is not the end of the world. So many people have it and love it. So it can't be that bad. Please keep us updated!
  12. Suzyk

    Is this normal?

    This happened to me when I fell pregnant. The first trimester fluid doubles in the body and man my band felt it. I can't eat chocolate mousse cause it gets stuck but can eat dip with crackers. bands are just weird.
  13. I suffer from severe anxiety, but I dont have attacks. I just struggle to do things cause it freaks me out. I see a psych and would be crazy if I didn't. I have refused medication (which is not recommended) but there are safe medications out there that do help along side regular consultations. It really is a must. Removing the band might not fix the underlying problem.
  14. Suzyk


    I'm in similar boat as you. I have had the lapband since March 2011 and have struggled to loose weight. I am only 14 kilos lighter which I am greatful for but finding the band isn't working because I either can eat everything still or I can barely eat anything and feel sick all the time. Green zone is very difficult for me and changes regularly and I don't have time to get it adjusted with a baby. I keep thinking I want the sleeve but then I remember why i got the band in the first place. 1. When I eventually get to my goal weight I want to eat normally again like a normal person 2. when I go overseas I can have it loosened and enjoy myself and 3. it scares me less than having most of my stomach removed. It's up to you. Do your research but in the end you know whats best for you.
  15. I agree you can do it! The adrenaline when you're in Japan will help you heaps. I'm amazed how much I can walk when on holidays, it's a different me. Just eat properly and hopefully you can take your time and have rests. When you tackle Mt.Lofty again, rest for fifteen minutes and then try again rather than going back down. I never tried to tackle it while I was living in Adelaide and regret it. You won't get the opportunity again or for a long time to climb mt. fuji and will kick yourself.