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  1. 9mL fill 6 weeks ago wt 101.9kg managed to get past my block.Yeah!

  2. Time is flying away I am so busy. Less than 110kg Finally

  3. HI there. I have 6mL done as my first fill. Seems about right as I dont get hungry a lot and cannot loads. Also I cannot eat lettuce, bread or mash potato etc. Can have dry crackery type food. Not losing much though as metabolic rate really low after years of low activity. I am restricted with exercise as have joint problems. I am looking for a plan that I can use that includes foods that I can eat as well as meet nutritional needs and give weight loss. I probably have room for maybe 1mL at most before I cannot eat or drink anything. Any suggestions are welcome. Regards Shaza.
  4. HI there my dear. I think I would have to agree with Donna that if there is frustration with the weight loss or lack of vitamins especially vitamin B, folic acid and combined with low carbohydrate intake then snappy mood and quick changes in mood may occur. Of course to add to this the monthly cycle is also a causative factor. And also you may not be the cause, someone may be the cause.... Take care Shaza
  5. What's on your mind?

  6. Tired and fighting a cold

  7. Tired and fighting a cold

  8. Tired and fighting a cold

  9. dreamingslim

    Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms

    Sounds awesome. Will let you know how I go Thanks Shaza
  10. dreamingslim

    2 weeks banded and failing

  11. Busy weekend. Cooked a fish and white radish curry.. after 10 yrs still good.

  12. Busy weekend. Cooked a fish and white radish curry.. after 10 yrs still good.

  13. Hi there! Welcome to our band!!! Good luck with the optifast and the surgery. Use this time well to set your head space focused as this will stand you in good stead. Regards Shaza

  14. dreamingslim

    Another mini/major goal reached

    Awesome work. I am really happy for you. Take care and keep losing....... Shaza
  15. dreamingslim

    May Bandits

    Hi Dorrie I am sorry for you but am glad that they found the tumour to deal with it now. It will seem like a long wait but it will happen, God willing. Think of this time as that of setting your mind ready and your body ready to deal with the changes you will have to make eventually. And you have this great forum to help you through not only the banding but the tumor etc too. Now you have all these extra friends, No? Not enough consolation to not having a band but every little ray of sunshine helps.... Good luck and write away your troubles. Regards Shaza