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    Has anyone got one? I was at a, of all things, Agricultural Field Day (for work) on the weekend and wandered past to try the free soup (sweet potato and red-lentil) and feel in lurve with this machine. Choice rate it highly, Would love to know others opinions, C
  2. Catharine

    Mindful Eating website

    Thank you, this is wonderful!
  3. Catharine

    Eating out

    Have you had a fill yet? I found eating out fairly easy until I started having fills. And four years on it continues to be problematic. Eg I can't tolerate pasta, eggs, red meat, pork, wok anything, rice, tomato based sauces, pizza etc etc. Soup is ok Fish is ok Desserts are ok (as long as not pastry) Nothing fried I'm glad you are doing well,
  4. “The Art of Leadership is Understanding What You Can’t Compromise on†I just read this on another website - about design - but I, being the self-referential bunny that I am, realised that it related to my Quest. What are the things you can't compromise on? For me, without thinking, off the top of my pretty little head its: Walking in the mornings Yoga class twice a week Drinking 2 lt of water a day Eating at the table Chewing Giving myself a break about slip ups. Biscuits are just biscuits. They are food for heavens sake, not nuclear hand grenades I've ingested! Continuing to read and imbibe as much Geneen Roth as I can (I really love her work) Shining my sink at night (it's a www.flylady.net thing) Making my bed in the mornings Slowly developing FLYing routines that help me get my domestic internal and externals in order 7 hours sleep Oh I forgot And working on my novel. :-)
  5. Catharine

    Discussion of specific surgeons ... your thoughts?

    It's an interesting topic. If asked my opinion I would say there is no need to mention medical professionals names on this site. Libel is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. It is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed. (thanks wiki!) I remember from Uni (an eon ago) that in Australia its not necessary for the libel to be true for it to go to court. In other words, you may have said the truth but still be found liable. If what you say causes another to have a bad opinion about the person you are slandering then you are potentially liable. I think! I can't see any reason why it's necessary to mention Doctors by name in a public forum.
  6. There, but for the grace of god, go I. Enjoy your Saturday,
  7. Catharine

    Saggy Skin?

    Yes. Heaps, thank you. I am joining a gym in June or July (when my finances are looking a bit prettier) I used to have PT sessions twice a week and loved it, but I think for a few years at least I am going to have to go it alone. Thanks again - I love those exercise happy hormones!
  8. We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves. ~Lynn Hall My Nanna died last year. She was 100. And she was wonderful. She was rarely unwell and was a beautiful woman. I have longevity on both sides. My Grandma is 90 and apart from a wayward disposition (the last time she escaped from the nursing home she said it was because it had dirty bathrooms) she is in excellent health. But as I come out of my obesity/ depression coma I realise that I really want to live my life, not just exist between breaths. I've a few brooding health concerns that I would like to get on top of. This, dear dear readers, is an amazing statement for me to make. In times past I wanted to sleep until 2pm, watch Y&R and then play on the internet until dinner and, well, there were days that went by without me even going outside. And I expect I'll have times like that again. But, after going to see my GP and being put on an incredibly strong steroid for my excema AND googling it I've connected a few dots and realised that most of y health concerns might be connected to my immune system and or hormones - excema, asthma, and those lovely twins depression and anxiety - linked by panic attacks. And I, for the first time ever, really want to live a better life, a healthier life, not a life hidden between the clouds in my mind, but within my whole body I can look back 14 years and see that I first started to care for myself when I accepted help for my depression. And I suppose 14 years before that when I first tried to take my own life was the first sign that things may not have been well in Catharine-Land. So I invented LaLa land where eating whole blocks of chocolate and entire family pizzas was a form of self medication, where running at the first sign of love or lust was how I dealt with my sexuality, where escaping to the outback was how I negotiated with the crunchy bits of life. Even getting married was a crutch, a bandaid for my self-esteem. I adore my husband and I am very fortunate to have met him. But I think the time for honesty is now. At least with myself (and the one or two people who read my blog! :-)) So, I'm on Quest Catharine, a quest to eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, to exercise daily, to build a daily yoga practice into my routine, to swim regularly, to walk, to Zumba, to get eight hours of sleep, to stress less and love more. To accept lifes circuitous motion, to let is wind about me and through me, but not to let it bowl me over anymore. Maybe I got so fat because it was a metaphorical way of 1) not letting life beat me down and 2) it protected me against perceived anxiety Who knows! I'm about done with the 'why's and ready to explore the 'why the hell not give healthy living and eating and loving' a chance!
  9. Catharine

    Share a tip?

    Mine is to listen to my inner vice. I kinda like her...
  10. Catharine

    Port Removed Today!!

    I'm really pleased for you sweetie. :-) x Catharine
  11. Thank you Beth and Ash. There are swings, and there are round-a-bouts, but I'm hopeful they are evening out a little. I like blogging. It's good think through what is really going on in my body, and to be able to say, no, no I don't agree with that mind. :-) I've discovered this new thing, it's called 'giving Catharine a break.' Giving me permission to 'slip' and 'fall', coz ya know an Anzac biscuit is just an Anzac biscuit!
  12. Catharine

    Can I ask...?

    I was a 32DD 46 kgs later and I'm about an 18C I used to be a 14B when I was 67kgs, I think I'll end up a 14C after I have my tits, arse and tummy 'done' :-)
  13. Catharine

    Am I impatient?

    Hey Ashnz,, Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I was a really fast eater, I was in a hurry to get as full as I could, to have my share and to have enough. I was really eager to get my band and I calculated in my head how skinny I would be on my birthday that year, by Christmas, Easter, my cousins wedding... Well Four years and three months later I've lost 46 kilograms. And you know what? I am so much happier now I have let go of the 'I must I must get thin before I get happy' and I'm just exploring ways to fill out into the new me. Best of luck with your journey, Kind regards, Catharine
  14. Catharine


    One word: Spanx http://www.spanx.com/home/index.jsp It changed my life pre-band and post-band, well, it's helping the sex kitten stakes. My husband calls them amazing feats of engineering. (ps shape-wear is a skinny chick's secret ~ why do you think they need time to 'slip into something more comfortable'?)
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    Trouble I'm not sure where I want to start. Well I know I have a gazillion things to re-train and re-choose and re-do. I am going to aim to cook one new recipe a week that fits with a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. So after 14 weeks I will have a fortnight of dinners to mix and match from. I'd be really grateful if you could recommend recipe sites, or cook books, that are full of flavourful, healthful meals. Vegetarian more than acceptable!
  16. Well I had a similar event a few months ago (not menopausal) when nothing would go through, tiny sips of tea and water and iced coffee. I lost 7 kilograms in 10 days (and no, that's not to be celebrated) I think it was stress/ anxiety related as it went away. I made an appt to see my surgeon, and had to cancel and then it righted itself. Hope things turn out for you.
  17. Catharine

    Having an unusually hard time...

    Hey you, Life just sucks dogs balls sometimes. I'm really sorry this trauma has happened to you. Eating when I'm not hungry is something I am overcoming, slowly. One emotion at a time. xxx Catharine
  18. Catharine

    Scared witless of surgery

    Hey Magpie, I'm sorry you are feeling like this. Nothing I can say will pop you our of fear into calm. It's ok to be a little scared, it's a really big decision. And you may not be ok. But If your experience is like mine you will live to tell the tale. :-)
  19. I feel the cold much more than I used to. I think it is more likely that I have a reduced insulating layer! And also, I'm busier, I'm out more, in the weather, when I was bigger I was dreadfully sad all the time and tended to stay inside and just try to exist from moment to moment. Now I am hopping into life and I'm out in the elements I do feel it more. I enjoyed the past summer as much as I have for ages (I used to detest summer).
  20. Catharine

    Saggy Skin?

    Hey Kelly, I'm impressed with your training - could you give us a run down of what you do?
  21. Catharine

    Saggy Skin?

    I am going to wait until I: a) get to 75kgs exhaust all my baby-making options c) maintain 75kgs for 6 months and then either see if I qualify as a public patient or get on a plane to Thailand and get a full body lift + varicose veins + + + whatever else I need to make me feel less saggy! When I get to 75kgs I will have lost 81 kilograms. Already at 46ish kgs I've very saggy upper arms and my tummy and boobs are permanently in my shoes..
  22. Catharine

    What was your pre op BMI?

    Mine was 52. 36 now.. I feel as well as I have for decades. Can't wait to be 40 in December!
  23. Catharine


    It gets easier. I tend to tell people now - how they react is up to them. But I mostly smile and say I can't fit anything else in. I think what is more interesting is why we are feel embarrassed, anxious, worried, guilty... Why aren't we happy that the band is doing its job? I find it harder with people I know, who don't know I have the band. But I'm nearly at the stage where I am going to 'come out' to all and sundry.
  24. Catharine

    Hi I am a newbie.

    I'm not like that though. Why is it safer to only feel for shorter periods? Why must I 'get over it' quickly. Somethings are hard and tricky to work though (serious illness, abuse as a child, death of a spouse) and other things not. I'm happy to sit with my feelings, the anxiety, fear, sadness, loneness, joy, excitement, and just feel it, and look it in the face, and not look away. It can't hurt me. What can hurt me is not dealing with it and finding that I need a distraction, because, if I let myself be distracted and not feel into the emotion, not learn how to accept it, then there will come a time where either I wont be able to be distracted, or I'll turn to food instead of what the issue really is. Because it's easy. Because dealing with the ups and downs of life requires me to take responsibility, to be a grown up, and to make choices that are down to me. But that is my experience, and I expect that yours is different. I've spent decades eating my emotions away, self-medicating with food, and not living my life. Life is full of disappointment, and that's ok. It's also full of beauty and wonder and awesomeness! And I don't want to be distracted and miss something grand.