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  1. jacmav

    The whole outfit

    I agree with you Jules. Maybe a fine silver chain with something blingy. Luv the dress Jnr, looks great. Have a great trip & dont' be too good!
  2. jacmav

    nearly at 1 yr

    Awesome job Rach. Keep up the good work.
  3. jacmav

    What can you/can't you eat?

    I could pretty much eat most things up until my last fill (now 9.5ml) 2 weeks ago. Since then I've had 4 episodes with food not going down, rice, sausage, roast spud & bread. Had small bites & chewed well (I thought, but obviously not well enough). 2 came back up & 2 managed to work there way down after 5 mins or so. This is the restriction that I have been looking for. A positive for me to steer clear of carbs.
  4. Whoops, it must've slipped my mind, I'm a naughty girl . Perhaps we can make the next get together around the 24 June & celebrate my 1st bandanniversary. Thanks for the birthday wishes anyway.
  5. Ditto to all the above. It was great meeting & sharing experiences with everyone today. Thanks to Jules for carpooling, I probably would have changed my mind at the last minute & not gone otherwise. It made all the difference. And I don't think we should wait another 6 months before we do it again, I think we should do another catch-up in 3 months time. What does everybody else think?
  6. jacmav

    Melbourne catch up?

    Hi Josie, My birthday is on the 17th, when is yours?
  7. jacmav

    Melbourne catch up?

    Hi Jules, I'm in Springvale, perhaps I can carpool with you for the get together luncheon. I'll email you.
  8. jacmav

    Before and after

    OMG, you look amazing. Well done you.
  9. jacmav

    old habits dont die!

    Can relate to all of the above. Why is it all the bad foods go down so easily. Baby steps is definately the way to go. I still use the shakes for midday meal along with some salad or fruit, to help drop the kg's. I'm fine if the bad foods aren't in the house or around me, but I have very little will power when the foods are within reach.
  10. jacmav

    hair loss

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who is losing their hair in large quantities. I've been taking Band Buddies multi vitamins twice daily since I was banded. Due to weigh in this week, so I think I'll ask them about it & see if I should have some blood tests.
  11. After tonights episode I'd have to say least fav is Hamish (cry baby) & fav is Lydia.
  12. Jury is still out on who is fav & least fav contestant. Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of crying this season. Every scene seems to have someone bawling their eyes out. They all seem to be such big sooks. Agree Tiffany comes across somewhat fake. I like Commando, definately eye candy, but his down to earth & takes no bull#$%.
  13. jacmav

    As I Approach My First Bandiversary

    Wolf Whistle. OMG. You look absolutely amazing Danielle & damn hot....lucky Dingo! I dont' normally buy New Idea, but I'm going to make a point of doing so next week. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us bandits & I luv reading your posts about your journey, along with everybody else's. Well done you. Cheers Jackie
  14. jacmav

    SlimRight - Nature's Way

    I picked up a couple of shakers a couple of weeks at Aldi, they were under $3. They have the metal ball & were quite large (approx 700ml). Don't know if they still have them or not. They blend the shakes really well. Have one at home, work & gym bag.
  15. jacmav

    Melbourne catch up?

    Would luv to come. I was meant to come in October, but had some last minute family issues so ended up not being able to go. I'm in SE Melb.