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  1. Thursday 19th May, my son Samuel Jasper Walker was born at 33w 6d! He is perfect and gorgeous and I am so in love my heart might explode <3

  2. Beth


    Oh my! Too adorable! Their father was more of a sable brown, so the breeder said it's quite likely they will end up completely brown all over. I hope so, but won't really care if they stay more chocolate coloured. They are currently going through their rebel teenage phase at the moment, Chewie made a dash for it through the front door on the weekend. He tasted sweet, outdoor freedom for approximately 5 seconds before I scooped him up and hauled him back inside. He thought it was a gross injustice and spent a long time after protesting at the window. Silly cat, thinks he isn't an indoor pet! Mine also don't like it when I have a nap. Cheech comes up to my pillow every half hour and meows at me until I wake up and pat her, and Chewie tramples all over my chest and pillow until I wake up. They do my heart so much good though, they can stay!
  3. Woo! First perfect adjustment since the honeymoon disaster. Back for another in 3 weeks :)

  4. Back for my first adjustment in nearly a year. After a truly terrible year healthwise, I am excited to be able to get back in control of my weight and health. Fingers crossed the tiny adjustment doesn't send me into redzone.

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    2. Sara M

      Sara M

      hey Beautiful, I have just logged in too after ages

    3. Caughtbetween


      I'm here too, toying with the idea of a small fill. A recent unfill has seen me gain some kilos. Being too tight was just so awful though that I'm not sure.

      Good luck and keep us informed lovely.

    4. Beth


      Thanks all! I check in from time to time, just don't post as frequently :) Hope you're all fantastic :D

  5. Beth


    After 2 and a bit years of life without my fur babies (who live in Perth with my parents) we finally expanded our family. Previously we lived in a high rise and it wasn't suitable for pets, so when our lease ended we moved out to the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne for more space. We now live in a beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse with tons of space and a big staircase. Aside from our Landlords being ridiculous, it's lovely here. Shame we can't stay past the year lease. But they said no dogs, but yes to cats! So we have the most beautiful munchkins, a brother and sister pair of brown burmese kittens called Chewie and Cheetah (Cheech). They are indoor only but are allowed outside in harnesses with leads. Chewie is very vocal, talks ALLLLL day and Cheech is... well, she's just perfect and cheeky! They bring my heart so much joy... even if they do deprive me of sleep!
  6. Thanks to pneumonia for the last 2 weeks, I'm down 3.5kgs. I'll take it.

    1. Veggo Mumma

      Veggo Mumma

      I have it too, Beth! 5 hours at A&E on Monday night to get a diagnosis :(

    2. kazbo


      there is always a bright side!

    3. Caughtbetween


      Yay for weight loss! Boo for pneumonia :(

      Hope you recover soon Lovely.

  7. I have pneumonia. How!?!?

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    2. Little_Birdie


      It's very contagious - that's how !

    3. toquaykate


      Oh Beth, thats awful. Are you ok(ish)? Have you got those two gorgeous brown babies yet?

    4. Beth


      Thanks ladies! Kate we do indeed, I took them for their 12 week shots today, they took it like a pro :)

  8. Surgery tomorrow for compartment syndrome in both lower legs. Can't wait til it's fixed and I can get back into running again!

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    2. Startingover14


      Wishing you a speedy recovery

    3. duckie


      Hope you are getting better. Xxxx

    4. Caughtbetween


      Hope you are doing well beautiful.

  9. Beth

    Where has everyone gone!?

    *puff puff puff* I'M HERE! I'm great! Moving house, planning life, playing music. Getting on with it. Weight is as always, up and down - but my band is fine! I'm not often on here because I'm just busy being me and being a full time wife/worker! Since The Voice I've just been getting back into the muusssic maaaaan.. haha! It's pretty much exactly what Kaz said - everything's running smoothly and life is good, so I don't find myself needing the support as much. I'm super thankful for this forum, I'd never have lost my weight without it! Ps. Kate - YOU are glorious
  10. Beth

    Things that overweight people dread

    Getting 'the talk' about your diet from a well-meaning friend/distant relative who doesn't actually live in the same city as you and assumes your weight is because you eat junk. Knowing that no matter what reply you give them, or how well you eat, they walk away from the conversation thinking you're lying to yourself. Putting on socks. HATED IT! Seeing photos of yourself when you think you look like a bulldog because your cheeks are so fat and hanging down like a dog's mouth. Still hate it.
  11. Beth

    The Voice 2014.

    Guys thank you so much. The last couple of days I've been completely blown away by the love and support everyone has shown, it's incredible! My feet have finally touched ground today after an insanely hectic day yesterday, so I'm really just soaking it all in today and responding to all the love. My social media accounts practically exploded, I had over 800 notifications to get through - Just nuts! Today I am off to do some promo with The Sea Shepherd people and also to finally get some answers surrounding my leg problems. So my double life continues for now! hehe. Thanks so much for the kind words, I was actually really concerned how people might receive my story because of who my brother was. But I've yet to read a single mean thing online, so it's quite surprising in the best possible way! x xx
  12. Beth

    The Voice 2014.

    Thanks guys! Sav... Times Like These Acoustic Lots of interest and interviews, it's been very surreal!
  13. Beth

    The Voice 2014.

    Thanks DonDon! Much appreciated
  14. For anyone interested, I am on the blind auditions for The Voice on Monday 12th at 7:30 :)

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    2. Brig


      ahhhh ive been watching and waiting every show to see if you are on!!!!

      good luck myself and family will be watching :-)

    3. dragonflyblue


      woohoooo will be watching like always but good luck :)

    4. libby83


      Good luck Beth

  15. Beth

    The Voice 2014.

    Oh thank you both! xx