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  1. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Offering a different perspective   

    Sadly, this is not what happens to everyone!  You will embrace the 'life-style' of Optifast and do well.  The odd drink or snack will creep in and things go downhill from there.  There are many on here that will put weight back on in spite of WLS.  You have to be ever vigilant and having a band (for me at least) keeps me on the straight and narrow.  It limits the quantity but not the quality of food-so if I continued eating chocolates and other sliders I would soon gain weight.  I like the fact that I can feel 'full' after a small meal and make sure that I have healthier alternatives if I'm looking for something to nibble, rather than feeling hungry.  
    I hope it continues to work for you.   Most people just get on a treadmill of fluctuating weights and WLS is a tool to help them stay on track. 
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  2. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Late Christmas Present from mySurgeon   

    My surgeon is dead!  Better keep looking after my band!!!;)
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  3. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Did anyone ever cheat on the preop diet ?   

    You have to look at it as 2 weeks out of the rest of your life.  If you can get past the first week it does get easier.  You are only human after all and used to snacking when you felt like it and before you know it the choc/chip/wine or whatever disappeared.  Tomorrow's another day.  Just tell yourself it's good training for after the surgery
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  4. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Advice needed for post lap band 1st 2 weeks   

    Should only be on liquids for now, then mushies.  (As you found out!!  ) Some surgeons put a bit of fill others don't-so ask next time you see him/her.  This is healing time and there will be a fair bit of swelling right now-So stick to the plan!  It will be a gradual fill from now on but the important think to remember is to stick to portions-don't have to finish your plate.
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  5. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Just introducing myself   

    hi and welcome here. Are you having a band or sleeve?  You are always going to read the good the bad and the ugly on here and most 'good' stories tend to drop off here after the weight loss and maintenance go to plan,  while the bad and ugly get posted!  Dinner will change but until you are in the swing of things getting onto 'normal' foods I would avoid it and alcohol altogether. You can drink a spritzer and water in between and you will find that soon you will not miss it.  I probably drink maybe a bottle/year! If you're in a group - most people don't really notice what you eat/don't eat or drink.  
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  6. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Oh, hello!   

    HI and welcome.  What are you having done-sleeve or band?
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  7. Ozchick added a post in a topic: HELP please! Any optifast spare?   

    i don't have any but you don't have to stick to Optifast per se-you can try Aldi Shakes ($1.99ea or Celebrity slim come on special at either Woolies or Priceline around same price for mixed packs 0r down to $2.50 for single)  Aldi only have 4 flavours.  I know they recommend the Opti but they aren't fussed as long as you stick to the diet.
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  8. Ozchick added a post in a topic: A Whinge About Clothes Sizes   

    Ah yes!  A size 18 in Rockmans is a size 14 in Be Me (their 'big'size store.)  All to fool our brains!
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  9. Ozchick added a post in a topic: A Whinge About Clothes Sizes   

    .........because they're all made in China?    I think the size label are just a random thing to sew into garments.  You run out of size14?  Just sew in whatever label that's handy even it's a 26!  I just try on before i buy and I have anything from 14 -18 that all fit!  I just have learnt to ignore the  numbers and go by what it looks like on.  I have had the same probs with online and just don't bother any more.  
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  10. Ozchick added a post in a topic: It's been a long time between forum visits   

    I do remember you!!  Welcome back.  Can't remember though why you had band removed?
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  11. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Exercise caused band to pop thru bellybutton   

    Either way you (usually) have to wait 3 months after band removal before trying something else.  I must admit I've never heard of this happening so can't advise you but if in the three months you don't gain weight and continue exercise you may be one of the lucky ones who won't need further help from WLS.
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  12. Ozchick added a post in a topic: End of my 12 year lap band journey :-( - But I would do it all again   

    I'm with you on the bowel obstructions-they are extremely painful and the surgery is no walk in the park. Christmas is not a time together complications as you found out in such a horrific way. Love the way (not!) he blew you off with the 'not my fault' comment.   Hope you recover soon and enjoy those cherries! They are delicious this time year.
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  13. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Stupid time of year to do this   

    By acting now you have probably saved yourself from even more weight gain over Christmas! Good luck for Monday and hope it all goes well.
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  14. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Haven't seen Doctor for a year......   

    I've lucky that I found a great bariatric GP who consults every fortnight close by.  She specialises in this now and says she's learned a lot from conferences that she attends and often the problem is how to shake up the metabolism which kind of gets lazy after a while even though you may not be eating more.  She also said surgeons love the sleeve because the are a 'set and forget' no need for follow ups, but there a lot of sleevers  from a few years ago that she now sees because they are putting on weight or want to be re-sleeved or have bypass. There is just no magic bullet!!  I do find it's easier to get a checkup every couple of months-it keeps me on track a bit more. 
    I hate shopping at Christmas because there is just so much stuff I can't have any more unless I want to gain weight.  (I seem to be able to put on weigh in a week and it takes 6 weeks to take it off!)
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  15. Ozchick added a post in a topic: Haven't seen Doctor for a year......   

    I've had my band for almost 7 years and it does still work! If I get slack (a few chocs or cake, going on hols, a few glasses of wine will push the weight up) I do put on weight and it's always the last bit that's the hardest to shift.  All the above mentioned are 'sliders' so definitely my fault but I can't be an angel all the time-but equally just never have them in the house-toooooo tempting!
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