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  1. You look great-you were always pretty (although you prolly didn't feel it!) but now you're amazing. Well done!
  2. Ozchick

    Removal of Band

    I had all my fill removed about a year ago and just in the last couple of months I've put on 4kg. So went back to start getting fills. I have a great Dr. who does fills now and we were chatting about problems with overfill etc. She said she was amazed how many people put up with problems and made to feel it's their own fault. With all the fill out I admit i started to lapse-so easy with no fill!! I could eat anything and everything! (My fill was taken out for another reason-done at hospital and they just took it all out) Other than that I haven't really had too many probs and this doctor I see will come in after hours should there be a problem and said don't wait until you have a problem-so refreshing after all the previous surgeons who weren't really interested in the whole picture just go in -fill in, or out as the case may be. I'm not sure why I started eating too much-maybe it was a joy to be able to eat anything again. I had about 12.5ml originally and have had 6ml over 3 fills so far and just starting to feel like it *might* be working again after losing 600g this week. It's nearly Christmas and i just have to (re)learn avoiding those yummy treats in all the stores! Good luck with going commando with your stomach and hope it all goes well for you. I don't come on here all that often because it seems to be that most people today have sleeves but even then some are having probs down the track with stretching of stomach etc. Dunno why it has to be so hard!!!!
  3. Whereabouts in Sydney are you. I have a Bulk billed doctor in Penrith.
  4. Ozchick

    Starting Over

    Yep! Also remember you
  5. I am cautiously optimistic that I can follow you lead. I had another bowel obstruction a few weeks ago and they said they 'needed' to take out my fill-all 10mls. After taking out the fill they had 5 failed attempts to put in NG tube (a nurse and a doctor). I have an absolute dread of these devices. I refused further attempts as well as the several attempts to cannulate me. I stand for as long as the pain lasted and went home and stuck to fluids for a few days. Went back for a consult with my Bariatric doctor and she told me she can't just put back the same amount of fill-has to be done gradually. I'm going overseas for a month and there wasn't enough time for gradual fills so she asked if I would like to try it without. I thought of all the food I've been missing (not junk but heathy food) and decided to give it a try. It's been 3 weeks and I still eat the same portion and walk 45mins+ a day and I've manage to lose 400gms in that time. (I won't lie-a few chocs have made their way down but only a few-not a whole block!) I'm feeling that I can manage ATM without having to worry about getting 'stuck' while I'm away. I know i have the option of getting more fill in the future, however if things go a bit berserk before I go (Doc said if I suddenly put on 2 kgs in a week to go straight back!!) I have that little safety net. Wish me luck!! (Lap band has been in 7+ years)
  6. Ozchick

    Newbie to the forum

    Hi and welcome. Is it possible to find a bariatric doctor close by? After my original surgeon passed away, the replacement was rude and abrupt and I avoided any check ups after having a port flip and consequently ended up 10kgs heavier. (Not my original weight but uncomfortable nevertheless) One of the original nurses contact all the old patients and told them of a GP specialising in Bariatrics and she put me on the right path again. I was down to 1kg off my goal until last week when bowel obstruction intervened and the surgical team (even though I dodged surgery) completely unfilled my band so have to wait util next week to get back on track. My band's been in 7 years and after reading and researching I'm finding not all sleeves are problem free-especially after band removal. The sleeve can stretch, weight loss stalls and it can become as much of a nuisance as a band. Losing weight after gaining is much harder because the original enthusiasm to motivate you is gone and you have to find a new mojo. I wish you all the best in finding a new way forward!
  7. Ozchick

    Offering a different perspective

    Sadly, this is not what happens to everyone! You will embrace the 'life-style' of Optifast and do well. The odd drink or snack will creep in and things go downhill from there. There are many on here that will put weight back on in spite of WLS. You have to be ever vigilant and having a band (for me at least) keeps me on the straight and narrow. It limits the quantity but not the quality of food-so if I continued eating chocolates and other sliders I would soon gain weight. I like the fact that I can feel 'full' after a small meal and make sure that I have healthier alternatives if I'm looking for something to nibble, rather than feeling hungry. I hope it continues to work for you. Most people just get on a treadmill of fluctuating weights and WLS is a tool to help them stay on track.
  8. Ozchick

    Late Christmas Present from mySurgeon

    My surgeon is dead! Better keep looking after my band!!!;)
  9. Ozchick

    Did anyone ever cheat on the preop diet ?

    You have to look at it as 2 weeks out of the rest of your life. If you can get past the first week it does get easier. You are only human after all and used to snacking when you felt like it and before you know it the choc/chip/wine or whatever disappeared. Tomorrow's another day. Just tell yourself it's good training for after the surgery
  10. Ozchick

    Advice needed for post lap band 1st 2 weeks

    Should only be on liquids for now, then mushies. (As you found out!! ) Some surgeons put a bit of fill others don't-so ask next time you see him/her. This is healing time and there will be a fair bit of swelling right now-So stick to the plan! It will be a gradual fill from now on but the important think to remember is to stick to portions-don't have to finish your plate.
  11. Ozchick

    Just introducing myself

    hi and welcome here. Are you having a band or sleeve? You are always going to read the good the bad and the ugly on here and most 'good' stories tend to drop off here after the weight loss and maintenance go to plan, while the bad and ugly get posted! Dinner will change but until you are in the swing of things getting onto 'normal' foods I would avoid it and alcohol altogether. You can drink a spritzer and water in between and you will find that soon you will not miss it. I probably drink maybe a bottle/year! If you're in a group - most people don't really notice what you eat/don't eat or drink.
  12. Ozchick

    Oh, hello!

    HI and welcome. What are you having done-sleeve or band?
  13. Ozchick

    HELP please! Any optifast spare?

    i don't have any but you don't have to stick to Optifast per se-you can try Aldi Shakes ($1.99ea or Celebrity slim come on special at either Woolies or Priceline around same price for mixed packs 0r down to $2.50 for single) Aldi only have 4 flavours. I know they recommend the Opti but they aren't fussed as long as you stick to the diet.
  14. Ozchick

    A Whinge About Clothes Sizes

    Ah yes! A size 18 in Rockmans is a size 14 in Be Me (their 'big'size store.) All to fool our brains!
  15. Ozchick

    A Whinge About Clothes Sizes

    .........because they're all made in China? I think the size label are just a random thing to sew into garments. You run out of size14? Just sew in whatever label that's handy even it's a 26! I just try on before i buy and I have anything from 14 -18 that all fit! I just have learnt to ignore the numbers and go by what it looks like on. I have had the same probs with online and just don't bother any more.