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    Medical required to return to fifo

    I haven't heard of anyone getting 're-sleeved' I *think* the next step is gastric bypass? Have you put on weight or just not losing it anymore? Not sure about returning to work as I'm not sleeved.
  2. Ozchick


    Did you do much walking before you had the surgery? If not, you do need to do it gradually. As Ilikewinter says-listen to your body. You can't go from couch potato to marathon man in a few days
  3. Ozchick


    Take it easy-26 days is a small amount of time compared to the rest of your life! Check with your doctor but you are probably not having enough fibre in what you're eating and add a spoon of Benefibre to your drinks to help out. Chemist warehouse has the giant tubs for $25 and sometimes $16.99 on special which is about half the price of Woolies. I tend to have it in my coffee or tea throughout the day as it dissolves completely and doesn't have the gritty taste of Metamucil. In the early days I also had fibre Gumies but used them as a lowly fix and then I'd have to run!!
  4. Ozchick

    Trying again!

    I weighed myself today and I'm down 1.5kg from last post so about 1kg a month-not super fast but I finally feel I might actually get to goal. My band since I had the last adjustment 4 weeks ago seems to be working the best ever and (fingers crossed) hopefully will get there after nearly 6 years! Julie,it's a pity you live so far away from your doctor because after having a multitude of fills and finding one of my original doctor (for fills) close by it's the first time in ages I really feel full after eating and not hungry during the day.
  5. Ozchick

    Walking... and walking... and walking!

    That's definitely not too shabby! Well done and keep it up!
  6. Ozchick

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    Let us know how you get on.
  7. Ozchick

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    I just did a quick Google earlier but I do see that both balloon and plication are done with this procedure. The balloons are not permanent but the plication is. I think some peeps on here have had banding and plication at the same time but can't remember who and when
  8. Ozchick

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    HI and welcome. Don't know of anyone who has had this but I believe it's not a "forever" option? I did see a program on it from the UK but while the balloon was there the Patient lost weight. Something went wrong after 6 months and it had to be taken out and weight gain returned. I guess you have done your research, so I hope it all goes well for you. Let us know how you get on!
  9. Ozchick

    GPs and Surgeons in Mackay QLD?

    No one seems to reply but I googled this - www.lapbanding.com.au/index.php/patient-info/mackay-patients No idea if it helps or not!
  10. Ozchick

    How long did you stick with the band?

    I think you get the trophy for the shortest time in!!
  11. Ozchick

    Brand new

    Hi and welcome. Just to let you know that you really have to be in the right frame of mind to take this step. It's not a magic cure all and there are ways around the band and all WLS. If you are a sweet tooth like me-chocolate slides down so smoothly. I still have it occasionally but not every night and certainly not the whole block as I once would have! It does take a bit of work but if you are committed you will lose the weight!
  12. Ozchick

    How long did you stick with the band?

    WOW!! may I ask how came? Did you then get sleeved at the same time?
  13. Glad you're getting some help
  14. Are you happy with the service you are getting from your surgeon? My original surgeon retired, the next one who took over his patients worked with a great GP who has a special interest in Bariatrics. There was some sort of disagreement and they parted company and the surgeon was very rough with his fills. He was quick with his consults and didn't really want to know what was going on. I put off doing anything and then received an email from the GP to say she would be working one day a week. She is up on all the latest stuff and gives her advice in a non-judgemental way. Time fora new surgeon perhaps?
  15. Ozchick

    Introduction newly banded

    You can get the cup of soup Chicken noodle (not the Lots of Noodle ones) and strain out the noodles or just dissolve a stock cube in hot water. Also clear apple juice and jellies if you prefer. Just remember tiny sips!
  16. Ozchick

    New - BMI 33, Rural Location, Newcastle Surgeon

    You can check with your GP whether they are able to do fills (Needs a special needle for fills called a Huber. Although I've had a love hate relationship with my band (love ATM as I'm losing again ) if you live a 2.5hour drive from getting a fill I'd ask for the sleeve rather than the band.
  17. Ozchick


    You have to learn to wait! There is a thread on here somewhere about 'first bite' Especially if you are a fast eater or very hungry. Let the firs one or t two mouthfuls go down and wait until that feeling goes. Even now, I forget on the odd day and sometimes have to wait more than 5 mins before I can finish my meal. I rarely get stuck moments but they do happen!
  18. My original surgeon passed away last month from Cancer I'm not totally comfy with my new replacement but as I'm not seeing him very often it's OK. As far as my autoimmune and various other heath things go I have fantastic Specialists and GP and all are very open with their record keeping. Your guy just seems to want to cover his bum. Sending you big hugs and hope you get some satisfaction soon.
  19. Ozchick

    Day 4 post op - throwing up

    Hope you have called the surgeon as Kazoo suggested-not normal!
  20. Ozchick

    Not Losing Weight

    What was her starting weight and height and how much did she expect to lose? As Kazbo said it's disheartening when you have a plateau, but normal in the scheme of things.
  21. Ozchick

    Trying again!

    You can do it!! I was also banded in Feb 2011 and never made goal-got close but also having a sensitive band didn't help. Put on 8 kg and it stayed there a coupe of years. I had some surgery last October and came out a couple of kg's lighter and decided this was to time to keep going. So since October last year have taken off 6.5kg's (after sitting on the same weight and plateaued for a month) and now 4kg from goal. Has it been easy? Mostly.....a couple of chocolates crept in now and then When I'm doing all the right things and the weight stays the same for weeks at a time I do feel like giving up (and I nearly always did!) You reallydo need your head in the right space. The other thing I did was throw out all big clothes and as the things got tighter and tighter and more uncomfortable I did lash out for a new pair of jeans but that was all.
  22. Washboard tummy! Amazing!
  23. Ozchick

    Dr Kevin Dolan

    I think the figure you quoted is with PHI- if you don't have it it will be more in the $15-18K area.
  24. Ozchick

    The awkward dinner - sooner than expected.

    I see a bad bout of gastro coming on with instructions from your doctor to avoid all 'Christmas' food until it resolves. (and yes-I'm a secret bander who has managed to fudge her way out of a few dinners!) Only my hubby and daughter know- and that's how I've managed to keep it.
  25. Ozchick

    Hi - newby

    Welcome. Plenty of useful info for you to wade through on here!