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  1. That's horrible. In the event you may need to go to hospital again make sure they have a 'non-coring' (Huber needle) to take out fluid. If he used a normal one it may well have damaged the port.
  2. Ozchick

    5 MONTHS along - new member

    Well done-good progress from another "oldie" I don't have false teeth but perhaps your runs to the loo need a bit more investigating? Are you banded or sleeved?
  3. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    Well, I have finally ditched 6kg since I last posted but I have been very strict. No chocolates (Maybe 1or 2 squares) and lots of walking. I got obsessed with weighing every day (sometimes twice) and gave u looking the last few weeks. Now Im checking that my scales are giving me a true reading! I know Christmas is so close and I don't want to give up when I'm 5kg off my goal-so that is my motivation. Any gifts of chocolates will be recycled promptly!!
  4. Ozchick

    Nauseaus issues

    I recently had a hospital stay for bowel surgery and ended up having an NG tube down my nose (No1 on my list of gross procedures!) due to vomiting. You will fast before surgery and tell them to give you something for nausea and start off slowly with food. My stomach just refused to work and filled with bile until it was contained no longer and I vomited. Sorry for the gross description! The nausea persisted for a few weeks but gradually getting better.
  5. Ozchick

    Health insutance 12 month wait, can you get it waived?

    If you are eligible Defence Health is also cheaper.
  6. Ozchick

    1st Day Optifast (Sleeve)

    Generally NO! Optifast is a complete food and usually the first 3-4 days are the worst. No need to add protein powder and generally you are allowed 2 cups veg per day. This is bearable if you stir fry with a bit of chicken stock to give it a bit of flavour. Soda water should be OK just check the label for calorie content. If it has any sugar then it's also a no no. The shift work isi- a little trickier so need to find a way around. Remember-it's only 2 weeks out of the rest of your life! You can try the bars on night shift?
  7. Ozchick

    port revision what to expect?

    I had a port flip fixed and it was pretty minor-small scar and very little pain after the first day (couple of panadol on the first night). The only drawback is (with this surgeon) that you can't get a fill for 6 weeks.
  8. Ozchick

    Band access point

    My port flipped and I had it repaired about 6 weeks ago. It is a day only surgery and not very painful. It gets stitched in again. Have you had a bad cough or had trouble getting a fill? That can sometimes cause it. The down side of the fix is that you can't have a fill for 6 weeks until it heals. (My appt is Monday and I need some fill)
  9. Ozchick

    Newbie to exercise

    Haha! Yes- y dog picks up on cues-she watches very carefully whileI put on socks and sneakers, next phone and purse and once the sunnies go on she out dancing around and waiting at the gate!
  10. Ozchick

    Newbie to exercise

    My portable treadmill (four legs) whines each day if I don't take her for a walk! I live near a river walk and I see people in all shapes and sizes and if there's a fat person I think good on you for starting. I also have a human walk buddy a few days a week and she hadn't walked in years and feels so good now we spur each other on. Just put one foot in front of the other to start!!!
  11. Ozchick

    16 months post op, need a new surgeon.

    Ask your GP to write "Bulk Billl please" or shop around (you can use the referral for different places). Mine was bulk billed. Does your GP bulk bill? If so, more likely to send you somewhere that will do this. Person doing the swallow told me as we went along that there were problems but I had to wait a few days for report. Hope this helps.
  12. Ozchick

    Dreaming of Peanut Butter

    Kraft make a whipped PB that I sometimes buy-don't have any ATM to check out the cals/fat etc. Coles and Woolies both sell it.
  13. Ozchick

    16 months post op, need a new surgeon.

    Ask your GP for a barium swallow and go from there. If you're not contemplating further surgery, your GP can also refer you to a Psychologist. (Make sure they know it's for eating disorder and that they specialise in this) If you have PHI cover some of the fee may be able to be claimed. Until you head's in the right place and you make a conscious effort to change the binging you won't make use of the tool you have.
  14. Ozchick

    16 months post op, need a new surgeon.

    You will get approx $120 from Medicare but are you really ready for what you see as another quick fix? If you know what has caused it you really need to take some accountability for your actions. If you are looking at bypass there are also people who have failed because they haven't followed the "rules". Sorry if it sounds harsh but you might be better seeking help from a Psychologist to help with the eating? I see from previous posts you don't think it would be help-but there are many reasons why you overeat. I think it would be a cheaper fix for a few sessions than funding further surgery.
  15. Ozchick


    In spite of the ups and downs with a band (Bearing in mind there are many who have no problems) I would probably weigh 150kg by now without it. Generally people post their problems in fora such as this and when others get to goal they tend to just get on with life and no longer post. It's worth speaking to other surgeons . I have become lazy at times when chocolate calls out to me but tend not to have it in the house. I'm still 8kgs from goal and been up and down in the last 2 years but I reckon with another fill booked I'm hoping I make it!
  16. Ozchick

    Post Op day 6

    Do you know if any fill was put in your band at the time? Some do and some don't-but 6 days is very early in the process and to keep hydrated continue tiny sips throughout the day. You can always give your surgeon a ring and ask them.
  17. Ozchick

    Medical tummy tuck

    I believe there is a Medicare number for the "Apron" (versus tummy tuck and muscle tightening) but there would still be out of pocket for surgeon and anaesthetic. Ring around or talk to your GP for a referral.
  18. Hi and welcome back! Still got my original band but had a port fix a few weeks ago and still waiting for that magic "goal weight" to happen! a few on here have had bands out and have gone for sleeve instead-seems to be less hassle.
  19. Ozchick

    A pleasant surprise.

    Yesterday went for my review after having my port fixed 2 weeks ago. My original surgeon retired and this is the now the 3rd doctor looking after me for fills etc. I got a bill from the anaesthetist ($250) and ask the receptionist when I could expect surgeons bill. She replied that yesterday was after care and he only charges M/Care and what my PHI pays. Considering he is doing followups from a different surgeon and bulk bills fills the only thing that was heavier was my wallet! After 4 weeks from last filI I still weigh the same on his scales and he won't give me more fills until after i get back from holidays in case I have problems on the flight. (6 weeks from surgery sin the middle of my hols). My will power is working overtime!!
  20. Ozchick

    Self funding

    Get a different GP!
  21. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    How are the rest of you going? I'm still the same -nothing gained, nothing lost-so I'll count that as a +ve! The six weeks of no fill is up just when I go to Hong Kong so I'm leaving it until I get back. I will just rely on my will power to see me through. On the plus side the weather this last week has been just gorgeous and I've walked my 7-10K steps each day.
  22. Ozchick

    the good and the bad

    Well that sucks! I guess you can only get yourself in the right frame of mind and see how you go. Do you have to go to the surgeon for fills or can a local doctor do it? Sometimes just a little tweak of that .4ml can help. I can't have any fill for another 4 weeks until my port surgery heals and I'm going on holidays in a couple of weeks so I have to keep an eye on whatI eat. So far haven't put on in the 2 weeks since the surgery but it is a bit of a struggle some days.
  23. Ozchick

    Vitamin Patches

    They are available on the BariatricPal store. Haven't used them or bought stuff from the site but if they work would be great.
  24. Ozchick

    seeing the Dr next week, where from here

    Can you ring him and get a Barium swallow done before you see him? At least this will rule out pouch/slipped band/other stuff. I see you have read Jachut's posts on her problem and yours could well be the same-ie not your fault.
  25. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    Fixed flipped port today so no more excuses! He did say I can't access the port for six weeks so I'll just have to be careful about what I put in my mouth and use will power-or is that won't power?