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    Revision- Alfred

    Sometimes waiting lists are very fluid-depends on what you are having done and when they can slot you in. Sometimes trauma and other more urgent cases get priority. Don't be surprised if they give you a date and then cancel for another time
  2. Ozchick

    Chest pain update

    Make sure your gastro guy knows about the band and fill. Mine made a note and used a paediatric scope to be on the safe side.
  3. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    Confession-I had a fabulous week in Townsville/Magnetic Island and that glass of wine with dinner went down really well. (Normally never drink at home) A balmy 25 deg each day was so relaxing. So same weight this week but I did do 75K steps in the week I was away. Back to the grindstone this week and port repair Friday.
  4. Ozchick

    Man flu + flipped port

    Booked for Friday afternoon to have it fixed. I have come back from a week in Townsville/Magnetic island and luckily had no problems while away. Friend I went with doesn't know about the band so no 'bad' moments to explain!!
  5. Ozchick

    Man flu + flipped port

    I have been coughing madly for the last 2 weeks to the point of throwing up and having sore chest. I know this is man flu (even though I'm a girl!) as I really haven't been this sick in a very long time. So I went for another fill yesterday and my usually easy to find port -wasn't Finally managed after bit of digging around to get it in but the feeling is that its come adrift with all this coughing. It was stitched in and now have to wait a few weeks to see if it settles down. Unable to check if the fill was working or not as I've been living on honey and lemon drinks and chicken noodle cup of soup and the 1kg lost in the last couple of weeks since the fill, is mainly due to this. I looked at the flipped port threads but they were all pretty old and I was wondering if anyone knew what the cost of having this fixed (if I need to) in recent times. My original surgeon has retired and I'm guessing I'll have to cough up full$$ but I do have PHI.
  6. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    I have a Pebble time which links to Qantas Assure app on iPhone (also an Android version). I loaded the app with the promise of free qantas points BUT-(there's always a but!!- you can earn the points but they are locked until you take out a PHI with Qantas. (Costs about $100 more than my current PHI so thats not happening!) The app still works with daily steps etc and tells you how far you have walked with virtual trophies. Since I started, I have (apparently) walked the distance from Paris to London over the past few months and I started my step goal 25k steps/week to begin with, it's now at 50k steps/week but I usually try and do more.
  7. Ozchick

    almost 6 months after surgery

    Now ready for a few modelling assignments!
  8. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    i'm finally going down again also-800g since i last weighed myself about 10 days ago. i have also been walking every day and the last fill has brought me closer to my sweet spot-but not quite. I'm leaving it (more fills) until I have my port fixed the 5th August and everything is settled again. Chocolate consumption is taking a hit also! After weighing myself for the last few months and always seeing a gain I would have a piece of choc to console me then I would have guilt feelings and think why did I do that?
  9. Ozchick

    Hello- Just begun contemplating

    Hello and welcome to this friendly site. I am a 'secret' bander. My immediate family are the only ones that know so I don't have to explain the 'easy' way out. It's not easy - you have to be in the right frame of mind and have the support of whoever you choose to tell. It will be a life changing decision and a few on here have had babies after their weight loss and shared their happy stories. You would have to ring your health fund to see if they cover surgery. Typically out of pocket expenses are around the 3k mark but if the $$$ are not available you may be able to release your super for the balance. good luck with it
  10. Unfortunately the 'right' amount previously may not be the 'right' amount now. Just going through the same process now to get t that spot again. When I had the same amount put back It was tooooo tight so I'm just stepping up again. You may find that .5ml will work or need another 2ml - It's a bit hit and miss to get back to feeling right again.
  11. Ozchick

    Back to Basics!

    I hear you also-my jeans that I nearly chucked out because they were too loose are now too tight! Partly trouble with my band but also bad choices when the scales move up. I'm hoping I get my port fixed soon and get back into green zone. ATM I can still eat pretty much anything at all and despite the 1ml fill yesterday was still able to eat my dinner with no problems.
  12. Ozchick

    Man flu + flipped port

    So...... after going in for another fill yesterday and being jabbed multiple times both lying down and sitting up, i was sent to have Xray guided fill. It appears the port had partially flipped last time and is now totally flipped. They managed after a bit of manipulation to get in 1ml of fill and as I'm pretty sure that it's not quite there yet, fill wise, I will have to go and get it fixed. Just waiting to hear back on dates and times. Bugger
  13. Ozchick

    Normal X Ray?

    Maybe a few days on fluids until things settle down? As an experienced bander you've probably tried all the 'normal' stuff. Only thing i can think of is that something was stuffed up when the tubing was replaced.
  14. Ozchick

    Normal X Ray?

    Can you have a barium swallow? Is there any fluid in your band right now? Eating for you sounds nightmare++ No surgery for me this time in hospital-due to unrelated Autoimmune disease. I have had a bit of surgery in the past and I'm wondering whether I have some adhesions which are causing my problems. Part of my band fixation looks like a bit of barbed wire! I'm in the process of having my band filled again to find the "spot" -another fill next Monday. In the mean time I've put on 5 kg so not happy!
  15. Ozchick

    Normal X Ray?

    Tish, do you know what your phi angle of your bands is? I think you could be confusing the "O" sign of a slipped band >58 degrees, with yours. Normal Phi angle for bands ranges from 4-58 degrees. Mine as per Xray is at 38 degrees. The slipped bands that I can see (on a quick Google) are around 120 degrees. If you imagine your X-ray and tip the top of the band down 90 degrees you will get an obtuse angle that indicates slip. The angle is determined by the vertical (vertebrae) and the line of the angle that points to the shoulder at the level of the band. Of course The drugs they gave me in hospital could still be affecting me and I'm talking through my hat Love to know how you get on.
  16. Ozchick

    Normal X Ray?

    I'm having trouble posting-Just out of Hospital last night and another U/S today my brain is dead. Hope you can make sense of it!
  17. Ozchick

    Normal X Ray?

  18. Ozchick

    Normal X Ray?

    Sorry Tish- looks a bit like my last Xray which was normal. I had a barium swallow afterwards which showed Cricopharyngeal dysfunction- so all the problems that I thought were related to slipped band, stuck moments etc. -weren't. I will dig through my pile of X-rays and see if I can send you a pic. Have to go out for a while now so I'll hunt later.
  19. Ozchick

    Sore belly 1 week post op

    Probably not-but you are still very much healing and the vomiting can cause swelling where the band is. If it doesn't resolve then call your surgeon for a check up. Did you have any fluid put in the band at the operation? This could also cause the tenderness after vomiting.
  20. Ozchick

    Here we go again!

    Are you having another band put in?
  21. Ozchick

    Stomach Taps

    I saw a program (think it might have been one of Michael Mosely's) and they had a man who had this done. He did lose a bucketload of weight but eating habits remained the same. He demonstrated the emptying of the gadget into the toilet-which was pretty gross! It opens up a whole new route for infections and I don't think I'd personally go for it in any way, shape or form.
  22. Ozchick

    band issues

    How did you go with surgeon?
  23. Ozchick

    Barium Swallow.

    My band has been giving me the irrits lately. Since i came back from A holiday in NZ Ia few months back, I'm choking on just about anything and went to see Doctor. She took out fill and gave me.a referral for a Barium swallow which I had today. The guy doing it asked if I suffered much from reflux. Said no, never. 'Are you sure'? he asked again. No, same answer. Had a gastroscopy a few months back and was told the band was lying slightly oblique which could cause problems but no sign of reflux. Gotta get it sorted because I've fallen into bad habits, eating sliders and having shakes. I go back for the results next Tuesday and I'll have to get fill put back in. I have put on a kilo since I last saw her 6 months ago so she was not too worried but I start to get worried when the scales go up!!!!
  24. Ozchick

    Barium Swallow.

    I agree! Portion is everything! The first few days I was too scared to eat too much then I had a pretty normal size meal because I was really hungry and was a bit shocked when could eat it all. (2 small chicken tenderloin snitzel instead of one + veggies) I've been pulling back since and doing a bit of extra walking. It was just so easy to fall into the same bad habits that got me investing in a band in the first place!
  25. Ozchick

    Barium Swallow.

    It appears that I have something called Cricopharangeal dysfunction. I had the double whammy of tight band and this muscle in my throat which makes the food feel 'stuck' before it even gets to my band. I had 3ml (of the 5ml taken out) put back in and see how I go but the doc said it was important that the band is never too tight. So while I've kind of always had a sensitive band to fills it could get worse. It's nothing to do with the band - it would be the same with a sleeve and if it gets worse I may have to have a small op to cut it. Looking on the bright side-I don't have reflux or a slipped band