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  1. Initially only my husband and of course my GP and staff. I didn't tell my daughter (who lives 400km away) and she only discovered it because it's engraved on my medical bracelet (the bracelet is for something else). I thought she would tell me I'm nuts but she is a year behind our Admin guy and she had seen him lose lots of weight and actually put me on to this site. Other than that no one knows as my weight loss is very slow and gradual. Other than people I haven't seen in a while, it doesn't get noticed but I did get a few compliments when i went to a Christmas party where I used to work.

    I guess I didn't want people to give me neg comments if I didn't lose "fast" enough. Also didn't want any horror stories about someone's 3rd cousin's husband's neighbour whose stomach exploded as a result of this surgery :)