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  1. Grumblebee

    Tomato and mushroom "stew"

    I made this one last night. It's quite simple but my husband really enjoyed it so here it is... Makes 2-3 serves 1 large brown onion, cut into rings 1 stalk of celery, diced 8 small tomatos, quatered or 1 can diced tomato 8 button mushrooms sliced. 1 veggie stock cube water worcestershire sauce 1 splenda tablet 2 tablespoons tomato paste salt peper rosemary tabasco sauce garlic Fry off the onion in a non stick pan with a spray of rice bran oil (or similar) and the garlic and a drop of water and fry off for 1 min, be careful not to burn the garlic. Add the celery, mushrooms, tomato and tom paste , stir and let it cook for about 2 mins. Disolve the veggie stock and slepnda tablet in one cup of boiling water and add to the tomato mixture. Add salt, pepper, herbs, tabasco and worcestershire sauce to taste. Cook liquid down still its a 'stewy' consistancy. If you use canned tomatos you can add less water or cook it for longer to get the right consistancy.
  2. Grumblebee

    Stuffed Zuchinni

    Kayjaybee, I thought about using mince once my hubby is back eating or shredding some roast lamb and chicken in it with some fetta and greek oregano and serving it with some hummous. Will have to try your moroccan one out, sounds good!
  3. Grumblebee

    Stuffed Zuchinni

    It turned out really well, if I do say so myself. I'm going to try a mushroom 'steak' dianne tonight with broccoli puree and grilled asparagus.
  4. Grumblebee

    Stuffed Zuchinni

    I've just made this recipe up this afternoon and I think it tastes great so I thought I'd share. I'm a chef so I can't help myself from experimenting. I hope my hubby likes it! Stuffed Zuchinni, Cut 3 zuchinnis in half and then remove the seeds with a spoon to make a hollow for the stuffing. Cut an eggplant in two and roast in the oven till soft. Saute some onion and diced celery in a non stick frying pan. add some garlic and a few drops of water and fry off for about a min (keep moving the mixture with a spoon or the garlic with burn). Add a cup of water and half a chicken stock cube and some shredded chineese cabbage. Add some pepper and a splash of soy sauce and cook down till the liquid is gone. Add the roasted eggplant flesh to 3/4 of the cooked down veggie mix and puree in the blender. Mix the remaining veggies though the puree mix and spoon into halved zuchinnis. Bake in the oven till the zuchinnis are soft.
  5. Grumblebee

    Hubby to become a bandit.

    Hi Bree, Thanks for your reply. I'm going well, just so relieved he's actually going to have it done. I first mentioned lap banding to him about 4 years ago and he wouldn't have a bar of it but now he's very positive. He's 181kg and I think he's finally got to the stage where enough is enough. I didn't realise that carrot was on the no no list his dietician gave him and so he picked all the julienne carrot out of the stir fry I made for tea the other night. He's taking it so seriously, I'm very proud. The biggest thing I've had to change is my cooking. I'm a pastry chef and I love cooking so I'm probably to blame for some of Luke's weight (which kills me). I work from home so now I do all the baking while he's at the office and hide it all and air the house out before he gets home. I've also started eating my main meal at lunch time on my own and I just eat the same thing as luke for dinner because I'm very concious of eating in front of him. I'm also trying my best to stop talking about food and recipes, it's hard because it's my job and my passion rolled in one but I know it's just cruel if I don't shut up. I also have a bit of weight to shift (funny, a tubby pastry chef, go figure) so I'll be focusing on getting healthier too, we've made a pact that this year is the year!
  6. Grumblebee

    Newbie - Wife of Future Bandit

    Hello everyone, My name is Kate and I live in the Hunter Valley although I'm originally from Adelaide. My husband is having his band op on April 12th so not long to wait now. I trying to be the most supportive I can be and I'd love any advice from bandits and family/friends alike. I'd just like to say that I'm very proud of my hubby. He's only 32 and we've only been married for 6 months and he's making such a big change to ensure we have a long health life together :-) Now, I just need to get him to join the forum too!
  7. Grumblebee

    Hubby to become a bandit.

    Hi, I've just joined too. My hubby is having his surgery in a fortnight. I want to be as supportive as I can be so I'm here for all the advice I can get :-) Kate