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  1. summerlovin'

    Wedding Chatter

    Gorgeous! And I know what you mean about struggling to pick just a few. Here are some of ours...
  2. summerlovin'

    Wedding Chatter

    Gorgeous!!!! I love looking at wedding photos You look amazing!
  3. summerlovin'

    Lite n Easy

    I know this is an old topic but if anyone else was interested in lite n easy I thought I'd add my two cents. I'm trying to get back on the horse again three years later and my hubby is trying to lose weight too. I've started a job where I'm often working from 3-11pm so had already been taking frozen meals for dinner for convenience (I don't really get a meal break, if it's quiet all well & good but I'm on my own at front desk so eat with one eye on the door & one ear to the phone!). Hubby has been through a crazy gnocchi-making phase but I was sure he'd tire of that pretty quickly. Anyway, to get back to Lite 'n easy I've been a pretty big sceptic of it but it was clear in this circumstance that at least in the short term it would be a good solution for us (especially since Chris has little idea as to good nutrition - at least Weight Watchers taught me something!). He ordered the meal plan recommended and it was WAY too much food so cut down to dinners only & bowl meals for lunch because he's been lusting over mine. I've been getting mini meals for dinner (can barely eat a third) and bowl meals for lunch (eat half to two thirds). I am really impressed with the quality of the meals, it is way better than any of the frozen meals I'd been buying at the supermarket. The chicken, shock horror, actually looks and tastes like chicken! (they use thigh too which I love). One thing I do really like is they don't lock you into a specific payment plan and you can start and stop as you like - this seems to be pretty unique in the weight loss/gym industry where most businesses take you for all you're worth. This week I've swapped the mini meals for light meals for variety and to see what they're like. We shall see. Re any comparison to weight watchers frozen meals... I haven't tried any of those for a while because a couple of years ago, after many nights of having them, I tried lean cuisine and realised weight watchers ones were crap in comparison. Considering I find lean cuisine crap in comparison to light n easy, I think it's a fair conclusion L 'n E is better than weight watchers!
  4. I know, I was kinda surprised - most companies in the industry try to lock you in for all they can squeeze out of you - but it's fantastic because we can take some time to figure out what the right plan for us is. My husband's problem isn't lack of eating, unfortunately! it's things like eating a light n easy meal for dinner last night - not finishing it because he was "full" - then bringing the popcorn that should have been in his lunch today upstairs to eat just before we went to bed *whacks head against wall* ... at least I've stopped the habit of him eating a full bowl of cereal after dinner? Now I'm by no means exempt from making crappy choices at times but I like to think the difference is I know I'm making them! Poor hubby is just a leeetle clueless (but I still love him to bits n pieces )
  5. summerlovin'

    Wedding Chatter

    Sorry to frighten you but if you think you know now how much money & energy goes into wedding planning... we'll let me just say it gets considerably worse {ducks for cover!}. It also reveals the *real* side of people... related or otherwise... which is both a blessing and a curse {I prefer the former}. Don't get me wrong I had an amazing, magical day but in hindsight I kinda wish Chris and I had dashed off to a registry office rather than planning for 18 months That said... the joy of sharing our love with family and friends was truly priceless and well worth all the stress & drama
  6. summerlovin'

    Wedding Chatter

  7. Thanks Kazbo. We got our first pack yesterday and so far I'm really impressed. Chris has decided there's too much food for him so is going to change plan, I opted for mini meals & mini bowls rather than a traditional plan and I'm glad I did because it's too much for me too! The bowls aren't too bad but the mini meals could feed 3 of me I think it's going to be a good solution for me (especially given I've been taking frozen meals to work anyway) but I think Chris will take little more convincing given he's a very picky eater. We shall see. He's already declared he doesn't like their lunches which had me inwardly groaning because his idea of a healthy lunch (roll with Vegemite???) does nothing to fill him up & he wonders why he's hungry. Men. I do love the convenience though. My motivation to excercise is still pretty bad but I've been sick all week so hopefully when I'm better I'll get out a little more.
  8. Thanks for the support! I wish I could have my band loosened but I'm hungry like all. the. time. and I fear what would happen if it was any looser! Ugh. Ah, yeah. Yep. And I hate myself for it. But maybe one day the voice in my head telling me to be good will stick!
  9. Time to reach out & get back on the horse. Sigh.

    1. Startingover14


      Welcome back, you're in the right place to seek support and motivation.

    2. dondon


      You have already taken a big step! you are back here!! congrats on that!!

    3. Caughtbetween
  10. summerlovin'


    It does sound like what you have would fit with fibro... it's just a darn hard thing to diagnose, that's all! I was diagnosed two years ago and to be honest it's been two years of hell. But my specialist thinks I've probably had it since I was 16 and it just went undiagnosed for years - not uncommon. I do not miss those months of all these weird symptoms we couldn't place and eventually thinking I was going insane. My condition was really uncontrolled for a couple of years as we played with medication and treatments but finally, FINALLY things are on the up. Reducing to part time work has certainly helped, if there's one thing we know it's that my body can't cope with full time work - took three years of persevering despite everything to finally acknowledge that one and move forward. The toughest thing is obviously that it's a poorly understood, generally invisible condition which in my experience tends to exacerbate things. If there's one thing I can recommend it's finding a really good rheumatologist or specialist who treats fibro as a real condition and doesn't make you feel like a leper. Since I saw Dr Daniel Lewis (in Melbourne) in January things have definitely been improving. Whether fibro or something else, *hugs*. It's horrible to have weird medical symptoms that are undiagnosed.
  11. I've been thinking about coming back here for a while and avoiding it due to a touchy personal situation but I'd honestly like to get some support from any long term bandits in a similar situation... so here goes. I was banded in April '11. Lost 40kg and got to my goal in 9 months. Managed to stay within 5 kg of that for two years. At around my 3 year mark I started to experience weight gain. I did have a problem with my band which was operated on June last year but far from helping me lose weight it's just been piling on, so sad with my wedding being in March this year. There's been a lot going on health wise - mental & physical - a pretty big fight with work & workcover over severe tendinitis in my hands which they refused to cover claiming it was just my fibromyalgia, despite me having ultrasounds that showed inflammation (I was a court typist, go figure). I had to give up that fight and quit my job in January because it was taking too much of a toll. The stress lead to a severe fibro flare and depression which just about brought me to my knees. On a more positive note since Jan I got married, have found a new job - part time which is what I really needed! - and have started studying online to complete the BA degree I gave up on 8 years ago. So a lot of positive stuff in the past few months, I just can't shift the weight and it's driving me nuts! I'm actually thinking about light n easy because hubby wants/needs to lose weight too and with my fatigue levels we often resort to options that aren't ideal. I'd get my band tightened but I still have a number of stuck moments. I do need to retrain my brain to eat slower I know. And my exercise levels suck because of the fibro. Anyone else around the 2-3 year mark been in a similar situation and managed to fight their way out of it? I wish it were as easy second time around! And I really miss the me from two years ago and all my nice skinny clothes I dunno... maybe I'm looking for accountability too
  12. summerlovin'

    Help..I'm freaking out!

    Definitely the prune juice. I swear it starts working almost instantaneously! I hate the taste too but it's so darn effective I just have to suck it up haha
  13. summerlovin'

    A year ago today...I've just "come out" on Facebook.

    Wonderful attitude to have! So proud of you for doing this, I think the more people out there who share their positive experiences of bariatric surgery and show what positive effects it has the better. It's easy for people to talk crap about it when they haven't had it themselves! I'd love to do this myself but my mum would kill me - she's made me promise on numerous occasions that I'd never post anything about it on there. She hates Facebook as it is and dealing with her ire just isn't something I need in my life right now lol. But I do share my story quite willingly with people in person. As I said, the more positive voices out there the better.
  14. summerlovin'

    is this a side effect of the band ?

    Yay! Hope you continue to improve with the antibiotics
  15. summerlovin'

    "pre wedding shoot" photos, help me decide!!

    Me too! AMAZING photos Kylie... you look gorgeous and so in love