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  1. Trix01

    Absolutely fuming.

    Bummer! Is NAB being cooperative for you? I work there! (in QLD) I had issues with my previous employer-we didn't ge on, and they were helpful for me....when I eventually asked my new manager what the previous boss said the said it was unflattering but the didn't take it into consideration anyway....hope it works out for you! Trix x
  2. I'm back! It's been a while, but I'm back!

  3. Is feeling lost and alone, why can't anything be easy?!

    1. Caughtbetween


      Hugs! Hope things look up for you.

    2. claudia


      life would be too boring if everything was easy :o) take it easy, things can only get better. xoxox take care

    3. Tamara


      I am only too familiar with this feeling... Don't let it drag u down pick yourself up and come bak fighting

  4. Trix01

    The elephant in the room!

    Sometimes, its not all good....I am 26 and have lost 47kgs, Im now a size 12...about half way through my journey all I wanted was for people to comment and tell me how well i was doing...NOW, its a bit of a hassle.....when you're big you really are invisible, all of a sudden I have people paying attention to me and Im not used to it! It actually starts to mess with your mind a bit, in that now I question whether people actually like me for me or for the way I look now...twisted, right?? I thought thin people had no worries in life! How wrong was I?!?!?!
  5. Trix01

    Disappointed in myself

    Hi simone, your journey sounds very similar to mine....I also was banded may 2011 and have lost 47kgs, everything going smoothly for so long then last week I got sick with a vomiting bug and it made my band play up, I persisted with constant vomiting for 4 days couldn't even keep down water, eventually went to emergency and they totally emptied my band.....completely! So, first guess what I did...... Went to a cafe and bought a toasted sandwich, you know the ones, with the really thick bread?? Basically haven't stopped eating sit my band was let down, and all rubbish too!!! Anywho, went off to my surgeon today and fessed up to my shortcomings, he was very understanding and reminded me that I hadn't had to cope with these eating emotions in so long that it was bound to play with my mind, the fact that I had no fill....he gave me 3.5mls, was previously 5.2mls but he wants to work back up to that..., so I'm still not feeling a great deal of restriction but I'm glad to be back in the right frame of mind...... Regarding the constipation movicol has always worked the best for me... Good luck!
  6. Trix01

    Confessions of a secret eater!

    Kazbo, I told him about it, he told me that if I had said I didnt eat anything bad he wouldnt have believed me anyway! Hahaha anywho I have my fills back in and am getting a comfortable amount of restriction so hopefully my head is back on the BAND wagon!
  7. Trix01

    wish I could 'suck' my legs in!!

    I have that issue too, but i usually find stockings help...or they give me the illusion that they help! Have a great night!
  8. Trix01

    Confessions of a secret eater!

    Omg I'm so glad I found this post!!!! Have had a rough couple of weeks with a death in the family and some other stress and I think it affected my band, so I went to the hospital on Easter Saturday and the doctor emptied my band totally... I got immediate relief, funny thing is the emergency dic said to me 'now thus is not a ticket to go eat whatever you want!' so what do you think I did??? I have been eating like its my last supper to last week....maccas....KFC......Chinese....Thai noodles...bread, Omg bread! Lollies, chips, chocolate, milkshakes, you name it, this week I've eaten it....! Self sabotage much? Even worse I've been secret eating this stuff, tonight I had a big mac meal and a cheeseburger in the car on th way home! My appt with my surgeon is tomorrow so I expect him to refill me but I don't know if I'll tell him about my eating or not, I don't want to disappoint him, as I'm so disappointed in myself at the moment.... With my fill in I was feeling good and in control, I never felt like I was missing out in things, now I'm scared that I've had a taste for my old habits that I'll sabotage my band...I wonder if I'll ever have a 'normal' relationship with food??? What would you do with a free pass???
  9. I can definitely relate to this, but there is light at the end of the tunnell.....! My passion is cooking, believe it or not I love to cook, not only cook (but eat too!!) but my problem was I loooooooooove to cook sweets, cakes, biscuits, macaroons, slices etc etc ... Prior to banding I would only cook these things for my family because I was conscience that other people would think that was the reason I was so fat. Ecause all I did was cook cakes and eat them...... Since banding I have started my own business making and decorating cakes, currently I'm bringing in almost as much from my cakes as I do from my 'real' job.....I barely get sleep anymore because I'm always baking but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!! Oh, also I've always wanted to swim with sharks but was too scared to get in a wetsuit in front of others but I did that in feb this year!!! I say reach for the stars and follow your dreams- you will get there xxxx
  10. Trix01

    Setting goal weights, surgeons input and he

    Hi all, I am 173cms also my starting weight was 119.9kgs and I am now 72.6kgs, doc was hoping for 80 kgs at the best and I was going for 75kgs, but in sayi g that I think it depends on your body shape too, I have gone from size 22-24 and am now size 12 and I'm not sure that I would continue to look good or healthy if I went much further....all personal choice though...good luck!
  11. Trix01

    You're still overweight, you know......

    Thanks so much everyone for commenting, a free I posted last night I was so down I had a massive cry, but reading all of these supportive comments has lifted my sprits, I feel blessed to have you all to lean on.......I went to my surgeon today ( was thrilled he opened the surgery for me on a Saturday morning, much less Easter weekend!) I think I stressed myself do much my band was feeling tight so I had some fill removed and feeling better already! My surgeon is so supportive and he was horrified when I told him about the chiro...he has given me some numbers for others but since that appt was only my 2nd ever I'm not convinced I even need to go back....
  12. So yesterday I went to my gp for a non-band related issue (not the original gp who referred me for band, sadly she has left town) and we were discussingy health etc etc when he started typing and clicking on his computer......after I finished my rant (I have verbal diarrhoea sometimes) he says to me bluntly : "you're still overweight you know" apparently he had been calculating my bmi.....now I told him that I was happy with where I was at and probably not aiming to lose more (I've list 47kgs in 11 months and gone from size 22/24 to size 12, I'm also quite tall 173cm so people often think I'm slimmer) he seemed shocked that I didn't want to take it any further....Ive never been super skinny and my goal with the band was never to be a size 8, just be healthy and participate in life more!! Has anyone else had this sort of reaction??? I also went to a chiropractor last week who told me that band just disguises the real problems and I should have it reversed immediately... Needless to say didn't book another appt!!!!
  13. Trix01

    Night Reflux or Something???

    Sorry about the spelling, I'm on my phone!
  14. Trix01

    Night Reflux or Something???

    I have had similar and found it much better to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed, have your pillow slightly elevated, and if this is happening regularly you shod see your doc, I thought mine was because band too tight but my dov gave me some somac (reflux medication) and it is soooo much better! You can buy somac over the counter but it's cheaper with a script. Good luck with it...
  15. I did it!!!! Reached goal 2 months early!!!! Yay!

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    2. Tamara


      Awesome now share ur tips lol

    3. Shiraz


      Yip yip yahoo well done

    4. Trix01


      Thanks guys it's has been a tough road but I got there in the end....best tip, don't try to "trick your band" I was one of the " slow learners" lol and thought I could get away with the sneaky eating I used to.... Also listen to your body and embrace your new banded life! X