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  1. -kirsty-


    Had my graduation last night, I am now officially a registered midwife! Four LONG years of uni and lots of hard work, tears and wanting to quit but keeping on going have finally paid off!! First real shift coming up on Tuesday I got my band way back in the semester break in my first year of uni. I had planned to be at goal by graduation, but life does not always go as planned, especially if you keep eating slider foods like choccy! I am still down 14kg though, so even if I don't love my size, at least I am not where I started! Currently working with my GP and a psychologist to get on top of the mind side of things - physically it all works, but not mentally, so I really want to get it sorted and fix my brain.
  2. Thanks everyone, I managed to get something at Millers Now just to get the interview!
  3. So I'm applying for a grad program, and interviews take place over about a week starting in 3 weeks time. I've had a look in the shops but everything is so expensive for an outfit I only plan to wear once. What I was hoping is that maybe someone who had a stylish wardrobe of clothes wouldn't mind lending me an outfit to wear to interview (providing I get one!). I'm about a size 20 (sometimes 18 or 22 depending on brand) and an apple shape so something that is flattering around the middle is best. If this sounds like something you can help me with please reply or PM me I live SOR and I'm in Subi at King Eddies 3 or 4 days a week so those areas are best THANKS!
  4. -kirsty-

    Rewards. Prizes. Presents

    I know I am addicted to chocolate, because just even thinking about the possibility of going without it physically makes me cry. Like, literally I cried thinking about that possibility. That is not a normal reaction! Back on topic, I find it hard to choose rewards because there isn't anything I really want or that excited me enough to motivate me. I think I've posted about it before on the forums.
  5. Yes (But I wouldn't be stupid and gain back 10 of the 25kg I lost!)
  6. -kirsty-

    Binge Eating Disorder

    Kazbo, what does the treatment usually entail?
  7. -kirsty-

    Binge Eating Disorder

    Not formally diagnosed, but I have long suspected that is my problem. Heck, I even answer yes to all 6 questions at the bottom of that link. Unfortunately, the band hasn't really been a way for me to get around it, as chocolate, biscuits and milk still go down without a problem. That is why I have gained 10kg back. I really should get some actual help, but as you say, it's so expensive, not just in money but time as well. Foodaholic - my surgeon spoke strongly to me before having the band, that as my comfort foods are sliders (icecream falls into that category) that he said it will be a long hard road, and I need to be mentally very strong. Obviously I'm not... I am still 15kg down, but it's really hard, and the 10kg I gained back makes me feel worse than ever.
  8. -kirsty-

    New Years Resolutions/ Goals for 2014

    Ok, so my goals I posted earlier weren't very SMART. So here is the one goal I am going to work towards, because I want to prove to myself I can actually achieve something. So I want to lose about 11kg by the end of March 2014. That is not at all unreasonable and very achievable, and I have to prove I can stick to something. I'm tired of having the same goal year after year and never reaching it (usually going in the opposite direction!)
  9. -kirsty-

    GOALS FOR 2013

    Well, I *did* do the colour run, felt amazing, didn't even feel close to dead, and walked another 1/2 hour or so in the city while we looked for somewhere to go for lunch. The rest was a complete write-off!
  10. -kirsty-

    50 kg's gone.

    You look wonderful Shaz, great work!
  11. Brilliant! You look so amazing, bet you feel so confident and wonderful
  12. -kirsty-

    New Years Resolutions/ Goals for 2014

    As with every year (sigh) my NYR is to lose weight. Although I feel more hopeful this year - I'm moving back to Mums for 6 months so will have a built-in accountability partner (mother-guilt is totally more powerful than husband-guilt haha). In other words, I will not be able to go to the shop and bring home packets of bikkies and blocks of choccy and eat them to myself. I will not be able to *say* I've been on the treadmill when I haven't. She is also trying to lose some weight so ideally we should be able to help each other to reach our goals. Apart from that, healthify the kids diets too (they aren't bad as such, but too many processed snacks), work on becoming a better parent, learn to be more organised, stay on top of uni work week-to-week, get a kick-ass grad position, and basically better myself haha. Same as every year....
  13. Moving in with Mum & Dad for 6 months in a fortnight's time. I'm hoping to actually lose weight with the accountability of living with other people (no more takeaway runs or eating family blocks of choccy to myself of an evening)

    1. Chantilly


      Hubby and I have just moved in with my parents - I'm finding it harder because they have wine a nibbles every single day and no room for my daily exercises/weights. Also started to get lite n easy for dinner as my parents eat for taste...Hopefully we'll only be here for another 6-8weeks.

    2. -kirsty-


      Oh, that must be difficult Chantilly! My Mum is also trying to lose weight, so we shouldn't have that problem.

  14. Lots of us with birthdays today! Happy birthday to my fellow xmas eve babies!

  15. -kirsty-

    Do You Graph Your Progress

    Umm, yeh I have a graph with my past 15 years of weight tracking on it The purple dots are the start of each year from 1998-2013. As you can see, I'm a serial yoyo dieter. The first lot of rapid weight loss in 2004 was on cohens, I lost a lot of weight in both pregnancies in 2006 and 2009, then the next lot is lapbanding, but as you can see I lost the plot and have been gaining this year. charts.pdf