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  1. nita66

    Nearly a week :D

    Day 5 post band for me, yep got the itchy scars happening, and boy the variety of liquids ho hum BORING, but am trying to have something different every hour, i am so hanging out for the pureed food next. Does anyone have the grumbly tummy and burping? Well done everyone for your weight loss Cheers Juanita
  2. nita66

    13 sleeps til branding oops I mean banding

    All the best with your journey Katrina
  3. nita66

    Hi Everyone

    Im with MelDavo give the (lovely) optifast a go again, it might just kick start that plateau, Im only 5 days post Lapband, and am still on the fluids lol but dont seem to be hungry at all. All the best Elaine