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  1. Op shop for me...I lost 50kg in the first year...No chance i could simply afford new clothes every month
  2. I have a 10ml band since April 2011....However I was emptied in Emergency in April this year when I broke my upper back. So now back on the road to filling. Yesterday I had another fill...I was at 6.2ml and to loose, now I have 6.6ml...So had .4 in but I am strongly considering having .2 out....Cant eat at all....Not swallowing water well and constant slime ball in my throat. YUCK! I think 6.4ml would be my green zone...Off to Dr I might go! )
  3. lauren1090

    Gall Stones

    I was rushed from work via ambulance in intolerable pain, after 2 days in hospital they took my gall bladder out, And my appendix for good measure lol. I am lucky that my lapband surgeon did it too )
  4. lauren1090

    Is this a stuck moment?

    Ever since being banded I cannot eat tinned Tuna
  5. Hey All, Quick question....I have found after my latest fill I am not able to eat food until lunch time (ish) heading towards afternoon. I do not feel hungry either but if i do try and eat in the morning my body just rejects it. I have never been a breakfast person anyway but its strange now my band will just bring it up. I can eat well after 5pm however! Does anyone else find this? Or am I odd? lol.
  6. lauren1090

    Weight Loss Stopped!

    Hey Guys ) I have not been on here in ages due to lack of Internets! However I am now feeling right at home again lol. So I started at 117.1 and got to 80kg and now I have stopped. I dont know what to do...Its just like all of a sudden I feel as tho I am failing ( How can i kick start this again and what have others done when they hit plateau. Im so worried I wont lose more now
  7. lauren1090

    Wow...What a journey so far

    Well....I have not been on here in months! Nice to be back. So i started at 115kg in May now im down to 80kg! I simply cannot beleive it, i actually cried when i got on the scales this morning, still a way to go yet but its amazing ) I never thought i would be able to do this and i have. Reading thru everyones posts today has got me thinking i need to re-visit my exercise regeim also ) You are all an inspiration and honestly without online forums like this it would be much harder to do alone. Your all awesome!!!! xx
  8. lauren1090

    Juice Fasting/Diet

    Has anyone ever tried juice fasting/diet? And i mean fresh juice from fruit and vegetable not bottled yuckiness lol. How did it work for you what was your experience? :D:D
  9. lauren1090

    Fills / Unfills

    $140 a visit for fill with consult. $115 back from medicare
  10. lauren1090

    port position

    Mine is next to my belly button, im still podgy but if i stick my finger in my belly button and move left i can feel it there Have had no issues with pain or being uncomfortable at all. I do Muay Thai and thats quite hard and rugged exercise and never had a issue
  11. lauren1090

    Head hunger and winter

    Im so with you on this one!!! My head still wants to eat and be a pigglet but i just cant. I used ot be an inhaler of food lol so its a very hard habbit to break
  12. So i have not been able to eat pretty much any solid foods, even thick yoghurt since my last fill bout 2 weeks ago, incredibly painful and always came back up. However tonight i made seafod laksa and fo some reason it has stayed down! No pain, no PB nothing. Just brilliant! lol. HOWEVER i am concerned that its just all of a sudden this has happened..Has anyone else experienced this? I hate to think the worst but could i have slipped the band or stretched the pouch or anything? :blink:
  13. lauren1090

    IPhone Application

    http://www.barimate.com/ App for Iphone :-) Designed for banders. Tho to ninja your question does anyone know of similar but for android?
  14. lauren1090

    To much fill/to tight?

    So i went to the Dr on Tuesday night. I was at 5ml and found i could still eat fine and a lot, he put an etra .7ml in now i cant eat anything. It even hurts and i have to PB when i eat thick yoghurt! Am i too tight or should i wait out a few more days to see if it settles down? HELP
  15. lauren1090

    Hi From Southern Tas

    Hi, Im in Hobart and with Dr Patiniotis :-) Hope your doing well and all the best for the journey ahead! x