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  1. BeeBop

    Hubby has been sleeved

    I was kept in for 6 days because of post op vomiting and nausea. In the end, they controlled it with injections they normally give chemo patients. I was kept on a drip for 4 days due to the inability to keep water down. I had to be swapped to morphine injections because the pain pump was also causing vomiting. They wanted to make sure I could keep water and soup down before I was discharged. I may or may not have been tipping soup down the sink so it looked like I had eaten some (it was DISGUSTING) but this was only after I could keep water down! Due to the heaving and vomiting, I had quite a bit of pain at the incision sites. I was discharged with Endone, slow release Oxy Contin, Maxolon and Zofran. I ended up taking an extra week off work because I felt so bad and quite a few days here and there for the first month. It wasn't the greatest recovery but the docs weren't concerned. I got the impressing this occasionally happens so I wasn't too worried. As much as I hated having to do it, try to encourage him to take a few walks around the ward each day. Take a sick bag just in case though. It did help. Best of luck to hubby
  2. BeeBop

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    This is absolutely devastating. I don't think it will be doable for me any more It was already going to be a huge stretch with a loan. Back to the drawing board....
  3. BeeBop


    It can be very disheartening to gain weight - especially when others know about it. It is all a part of the game though. Even when you are banded, there will be times when you put on weight. Shit happens. All you can do is keep going Best of luck
  4. BeeBop

    Feedback on new site

    I was having problems with logging back in and passwords and I found the solution: enter your screen name - it won't accept your email - and then your password should work. It took me ages and much swearing to figure it out! Eg: BeeBop *************
  5. That is fantastic Melissa Perhaps he was just going through an adjustment period after the operation - it can be a real shock to the system! So glad he is on track now and 25kgs is fantastic Things sound so much better for everyone. Best of luck with your partner and maybe having it done yourself! There is a heap of info on here and everyone is happy to answer questions.
  6. I had a feeling your normal surgeon was Dr Bowden. He was mine too Your goal of losing 27kgs sounds perfectly reasonable to me If you put the work in, you can achieve it I need to lose about 27kgs myself. My weightloss has slowed but I am aiming to be at goal by the end of September. Also, I had absolutely no problems taking multiple tablets whole immediately after the operation - it was the surgeon who gave them to me and sent me home with some. I had never heard anyone who had to crush them until now. But if in doubt, ask You will likely be put on a pain pump after the operation and be sent home with pain relief so you should be ok pain wise I didn't have a straightforward recovery so I can't give you much of a picture unfortunately. Good luck with the op
  7. The lapband didn't work out for me and I had the sleeve done instead. I was also done by a Brisbane surgeon (but in the private system) . I was about 85kgs when I called it quits with the band and my surgeon had no issues with swapping me to a sleeve. I was in hospital for about a week because of complications (not anyone's fault - just my body hates me!) but I was told 2-3 days is a normal stay for the procedure. I am now curious as to who your surgeons are/will be! Just going what you have said about the fill-in surgeon, he sounds ok but if you aren't comfortable with it, don't go through with it. I am very happy with my sleeve I am not at goal weight yet, because I won't put the chocolate away but it has really helped me You probably won't lose weight as fast as someone who has only ever just had a sleeve. Band-to-sleevers tend to have a slightly slower weight loss experience. Best of luck
  8. BeeBop

    Leaving on a jet plane...

    Damn your legs look great! So much envy but so well deserved Enjoy your trip!
  9. BeeBop

    Wedding Chatter

  10. BeeBop

    definitely a scale victory!

    Congrats!!! What a tremendous milestone for you!!! Perhaps deserving of a new outfit or something shiny? Well done
  11. BeeBop

    Optifast? And do you need. Catheter?

    Call your clinic regarding optifast. It is a struggle but you want to do the best you can. Your clinic will clarify any confusion and then you will know for sure. It is standard procedure to do optifast for 2 weeks before but not every surgeon makes you. Clarify with your surgeon. I was in hospital for a week but I had complications. I was told it was normal to be in for 2 or 3 nights though. The sleeve is a MUCH more serious operation compared to the band. They will be on the look out for leaks and infection so don't fight them on that - trust me! Remember, you have had most of an organ removed. Catheter no, cannula yes. I would not have been happy with a catheter either! I was very thankful for the cannula though! Good luck with your op
  12. BeeBop

    I just don't think I was ready.

    Another thing to be aware of is the general anaesthetic often causes or increases feelings of depression. You have had a lot to deal with in such a short amount of time. If you are struggling or just not coping, contact your clinic. They are there to help you. They can even recommend a psychologist who might help you come to terms with things. So many people struggle with the post op diet (myself included) so please don't think it is indicative of the whole experience. Keep up the good work - you have done so well already! Not everyone loses weight immediately
  13. BeeBop

    Banding when obese.

    I have had both the band and the sleeve. I had the band fitted at 18yrs old 110kgs. I chose the band because at 18, I was scared of anything permanent and it was the most popular treatment at the time. I did ok on it to start with. The weightloss was slow, but I can only blame myself for that. I got down to 85kgs but I got fed up with it last year. I was sick of the follow up, the regurgitation (both from over eating but mainly from not being able to eat certain foods), the reflux, the port location and so on. I contacted my clinic early last year and before they agreed to swap me to the sleeve (as I requested), they wanted to investigate why I was having increased problems. I agreed and it turned out my band had slipped. My surgeon offered to either give me a new band or I could have the sleeve done for a gap of $500 (I have private health insurance). I had already made the decision to swap to the sleeve and my surgeon was fine with that. The band came out and 3 months later, I had the sleeve I like the sleeve a lot more. By the time I had the sleeve done (at 22yrs old), I had gone back up to 100kgs but since September 2014, I am back down to 82kgs (would be less - damn Christmas and Easter and no self control! ). I am less socially anxious about going out for meals and the regurgitation is minimal. Some sleevers experience increased reflux so my surgeon has had me on Pariet and I have never experienced a moment of reflux with the sleeve so that is nice I feel a lot more "normal" with the sleeve than I ever did with the band. There are thousands of people who self fund band OR sleeve surgery. You should be able to find numerous surgeons who would do it, assuming you meet the medical criteria. I don't know your location so I can't help you with names sorry. In terms of band v sleeve for weightloss, assuming all is normal, the outcome could be equal. There is no reason a person can't lose a truckload of weight with a band - and a lot of people do! It is typically a slower process compared to the sleeve but you only get out what you put in. Just because the band didn't work for me, doesn't mean I am against the band. It has helped many people. It is my personal belief that the sleeve is better but I can only talk from personal experience. There are plenty of bandit success stories on here Just make sure you choose the right procedure for YOU. Have a chat with a surgeon or two. Don't go with an option you don't want just because you don't think you can have the other done via self funding - as long as you can pay the fee, there is no reason. A lot of people access their super - perhaps an option? This forum has SOOOOOO much information. I seriously recommend spending several hours reading it. There are even surgeon recommendations on here plus people who have self funded Best of luck!
  14. BeeBop

    Will I Know When I Am Full?

    You probably won't feel the proper full feeling until you get to the thicker purees and solids. At that point, you will definitely notice it I ended up skipping my first week of liquids by just not eating - I couldn't keep anything down so they just kept me in hospital! It seems the water issue is far more common than I thought! I had never even read anything about it before I experienced it first hand! I found cold water to be much easier to get down although it took a while to build back up how many sips I could have. I used to only drink room temperature water, now cold is the only way to go for me I could scull a whole bottle in one go and would drink +4L/day but now I am limited to about 5-6 sips each time and have to wait maybe 5mins before I go back for more.
  15. I am sorry you are so stressed at the moment It would be so hard trying to help someone who won't help themselves. A couple of ideas that might be of use: Throw out or temporarily rehome the food he shouldn't have. This isn't remotely fair to you of course, but if it isn't there, he has to make a big effort to go get something different. Do you eat at the same time? Set the soup out for both of you. That is dinner - he can deal with it. If you have a job, hopefully you can get a decent meal away from home (or even keep some of your normal home food at work?). If he "needs" bigger portions, so be it - dish up some more, but he doesn't need a third helping of anything. As suggested, a therapist might not be such a bad idea. I am the kind of person that would contact his surgeon but, depending on the relationship you have, it could be tough on your relationship. He knows damn well that what he is doing is wrong (or he should). I suspect this is exactly why he is avoiding hospital and his surgeon. You could suggest going to see his surgeon as a compromise so he can (maybe) avoid hospital? He might be scared and eating is a way to deal with that but he needs to grow up and consider the risks. Reverse psychology! Tread lightly with this but if he wants to act like a child.... Insist on sitting down and talking it out. That pillow idea of yours could help. Once he is unconscious, consent to go to hospital is assumed (legally) unless there is a document in place preventing it.... Just maybe remove the plan from the internets as the whole pillow thing - not as legal As Missy said, there is only so much you can do for an addict. You can only try so hard and you have already been trying harder than him. The actual change has to come from him. Sounds like he really wasn't ready for the operation. Best of luck with it all. I really do hope it works out well and he works it all out before any serious damage is done. We are not just a banding community any more I have had both a band and gastric sleeve and I think there are two or three bypass patients on here. Everyone is welcome!