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  1. elsa

    How 'perfect' do you need to be?

    I know the feeling. The only diet that has been successful for me was a medically supervised VLCD (like optifast but without any extras, no veg, no fruit, no lemon in your water!) I ate (or drank) 500-600 calories a day - I also exercised 4-5 times a week and I lost an average 1kg a week which was great until you compared it with the other ladies in my group who did not exercise and added a few extras everynow and then which I didn't and they lost 3kg a week. I too have PCOS and that seemed to be the underlying factor...it's probably affecting my slow weight loss now too as I don't want to ever be that restrictive again....it worked but it left me even more obsessed with food longer term
  2. elsa

    Blockages and regurgutitation

    I read this when you first published it and then put it into action and the difference was amazing. I now try and have a hot drink before each meal and it makes it much more comfortable. In the morning I've found I can not eat or drink anything (including a normal hot drink with milk) until I've had a cup of peppermint tea! I've also found that it is easier sometimes to eat hard foods like bread if I take my time which obviously pushes through the plug, than soft foods like yoghurt which seems to increase the mucus and just increase the blockage!!
  3. elsa

    Fat and Proud - Newspaper article.

    It's nothing to do with being a traitor but I do get annoyed when larger people act and talk like that the fat means that they are worth less as people. As a teenager I was paranoid about my weight and it did impact on self confidence but I grew out of it finally. (Took a near breakdown) What I didn't grow out of was my unhealthy attitude to food so my weight kept spiralling upwards to an extent that it affected my health. I did cognitive behavioural therapy in group sessions for a while on one diet, but I got so frustrated because the other women in the group were so negative about themselves and the therapist didn't help. One task we had to complete was to draw a town where fat people live and a town where slim people live - and the other women in the group were saying the fat town was full of takeaways and not much else and the slim town has gyms, holiday shops, good clothes shops and top of the range restaurants as though being fat you couldn't do any of those things......I've been fat all my life and I've never let it stop me. I've recognised I need help to get my weight under control so it doesn't stop me doing all the things I love but I don't expect it to turn my life around - I don't want to turn my life around I love my life and why shouldn't I - just because I'm fat?!
  4. elsa

    How often do you cheat?

    This is exactly the thinking I'm trying to change - I've spent almost all my life dieiting or "cheating" whilst on a diet. I'm now trying to learn to eat to live not live to eat. I'm trying to stop thinking about good or bad food - but it's hard. I tend to get in a spiral of eating more and more of foods that do not do me any benefits - which is a long winded way of saying "bad" foods. In fact I'm doing optifast again for 10 days to try and re-set my body and brain. It seems to work if I only follow it for a short period - it takes my mind off obsessing about food for a while !
  5. elsa

    It's one of those days

    Ditto - I read a similar suggestion a few weeks ago which recommended drinking something hot to dissolve the saliva plug (sounds gross) but it works - I can't eat a thing til I've had my cup of peppermint tea and I can feel it gurgling through.
  6. The band doesn't necessarily stop hunger (I know for some lucky few it does) but it doesn't for me which is why I tend to eat 4/5 small meals a day to ensure I keep the hunger away. So you can reach your green zone but still get hungry at mealtimes.
  7. elsa

    The hare and the tortoise

    Well went in for my check-up this morning and had lost another 0.5kg over about 2 weeks - it really is drip feeding for me this weight loss. Since the end of March when I started refilling my band after my emergency dash to the Alfred to have all my fill removed at the start of March I have lost 5.2kg - in total since the operation 13 months ago I have lost 11kg - just under 1kg a month! I know against some of the losses on here I'm the tortoise in this race but although I'd like it to be a bit faster I'm not too unhappy about the slow loss, at least it is still downwards, and you know who won the race against the hare in the end?? Being serious though I'm not "dieting" I'm trying to change my lifestyle for good, for life. I've spent too many years punishing myself with diets that I've actually done some psychological damage I have to unpick. I want to learn how NOT to eat a whole family size chocolate bar in 1 sitting without denying myself the pleasure of eating chocolate completely because complete denial only lasts for so long and then you crash and burn in mega style ... or at least that's my history. Anyway the doctor is not too concerned as long as the weight is coming off and I am feeling the benefits - which I am, my knee didn't give way or stiffen up at all while I was playing golf at the weekend which is the first time in ages and I can now stand for 30 minutes or more without my back spasming in agony.... small wins but significant in quality of life. The doctor has suggested I try the old dark chocolate tip (ie. I don't like dark choc very much so hopefully if I keep a bar of that in the fridge as my allowed treat - I can quiet the choc craving without devouring the whole bar in the process.). I'm experimenting with different things at the moment some more successful that others - I'll see how this one goes.
  8. elsa

    Amazing Experience

    Good for you Junior - I was fascinated by the story ie. the woman who was allowed to eat whatever she liked as a child which meant she now had a weight problem coz it was the opposite way for me. My parents were mega strict - I was only allowed sweets on Saturdays and only after my main meal and I had to eat a ceratin amount of healthy fruit and veg which I hated - to this day i can't look a brussel sprout in the eye! I always blamed it for my onsession with bad food and hatred of veggies......I guess we all have our "excuses".
  9. I actually find drinking and eating too painful at the same time now so can't do it.
  10. elsa

    Sick of your opinions!

    It's difficult for someone who doesn't have the same issues as us to understand - I know my hubby still struggles to understand why I can't just eat less and exercise more (hell I struggle to understand it) - I'm guessing as it's friends and family they are coming from a good place - they just don't want you to risk more surgery as any surgery is a risk, But only you know what the risk of NOT having the surgery is.
  11. Took me a while too - I went from no restriction when my band had 7.9ml in, to the emergency room getting the fill removed because I couldn't swallow my own saliva. Funnily enough it was the second attempt at getting the band refilled that finally led to me finding the green zone . To this day I still don't know what went wrong before. Trouble is 12 months down the line I had lost confidence in myself and the band and it is taing me a while to find my groove - fingers crossed I've found it but don't want to jinx it yet.
  12. elsa

    Jobless winge

    It's terrible to hear stories like this in this day and age particularly in your industry coz you can't even move to a different employer!! Also winning your case and only getting $5k what's that about? Unfortunatley most employers state you have to work for them for at least 12 months before you are eligible for maternity leave so i don't think getting another permanent job would help you there. After baby is born and you decide to return to work at least you can bypass the question about why you left your last job by just saying you wanted to start a family
  13. elsa

    Optifast or optislim

    VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet - all the meal replacement options out there - optifast/optislim/Celebrity Slim/Cambridge Diet and others - are VLCD's. There are some nutrional differences between each of them but they all have to meet certain guidelines to get approval (especially if they are total meal replacement options). Your sugeon wants you to follow it to reduce your calories, give your liver a rest from toxins and put you in ketosis (biological condition of fat burning) as well as start training you to eat less before surgery - so my reasoning was that as I was only following it for a limited time period it was probably more important that I stuck to it generally rather than sticking to any one particular "brand" - Note this is my personal non-medical thinking - I'm simply commenting as a temporarily successful VLCDer (9 months on shakes under medical supervision). I can't see how over 2/4 weeks it makes any difference at all which "brand" you follow - the nutritional differences can't be that significant.
  14. elsa

    Spin off from unbelievable thread

    Now I've finally found the "green zone" the biggest benefit of the band for me is controlling my hunger and preventing me from eating too fast. On everyother diet I've followed I've been sooooo hungry that finally I've cracked and stuffed my face and I was unlucky that it was similar for about 12 months after surgery with the band too I was still getting really hungry alot and although I had some restriction it didn't really slow me down too much - the waiting 1 minute between mouthfuls didn't apply to anything except bread and chicken. Now it applies to everything and although I do get a little hungry every now and then I find a very small portion eaten slowly satisifies me (so I'm eating very small portions 4/5 times a day) - I'm now learning to control my craving for chocolate which is not driven by hunger but the weight has finally started to drop. I've found I have to have my restriction quite tight to reach this level - the dietician wanted me to loosen it but I know from experience that would just bring the hunger back.
  15. elsa

    just unbelievable

    Just to add another perspective May 2011 Start weight 111kg July 2011 Surgery date weight 105kg July 2012 (as of this morning) 99kg It's been slow progress for me - had trouble finding the sweet spot with the band. But it's still down and without it my weight would based on history probably be closer to 120kg. It took me a while to get my head around the fact that I wasn't going to be a rapid weight losser (there are a few of us around on this site) - I'm not being party-pooper but don't get your expectations up too high too fast - then if you do have a faster weight loss you can consider it a bonus.