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  1. Hi everyone, haven't been around for a while, been overseas then got back and tried getting on tracks with the weightloss. Haven't lost much lately but yeah going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Gone down to 83 kgs, 18 to goal its just going down really slow! anyway hope everyone is well xoxoxox

    1. -kirsty-
    2. MissA


      Hi Claudia, Hope you and the fam are well!

  2. claudia

    Flying with the band

    Hi, i'm flying on the 27th and i'm worried a bit too, I hope everything goes well as I have to fly to europe! plenty of hour flying!
  3. Anybody from Sydney has ever changed doctors? I'm looking at finding a new doctor as the one I got now has simply told me my body doesn't want to lose anymore weight? LOL funny, at the first appointment he told me i needed to lose 63kgs to be in a healthy range bmi! I have lost 45 kgs but still need to lose 22. I am frustrated as he is refusing to give me any fill and I know I need it, I can eat anything and as much as I want with no issues! If anyone knows a doctor that can h...

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    2. claudia


      Shorty, we have the same doctor, I don't know maybe its just me, but I do need the fill, I don't need the psychologist, she can't make the hunger go away!!

    3. Shorty


      I thought so then wasn't sure. If you aren't happy go and see the other doctor. I see both depending on who is free when I book the appointment. My last appointments with the dietitian and psychologist have been really good. I didn't really think I needed to see the psych but it helped. I've also signed up for the next support night too...

    4. Shorty


      My weight loss has stalled with about 10 kilos to go. I've been the same weight now for about 4 months, I have changed shape but not lost kilos. I bounce up and down about a kilo but for now so long as it isn't going up I'm just going to ride it out.

  4. claudia

    Sydney Lunch- Early July 2012

    I can't come guys, I'm going overseas on the 27th of june, my father is unwell Sorry, I hope you all have a great time xoxo
  5. Anyone around Ryde area interested in joining up fitness first? I wouldn't mind a gym buddy as I have just joined fitness first and i'm feeling fabulous!

  6. claudia

    Very nervously putting some before and 1/2 photos

    Don't be nervous, you look fantastic and there is a huge difference :)
  7. claudia

    Sydney lunch - Sunday 6th May

    Im so excited to meet you all and feeling so good since i had some fill out, looking forward to a nice lunch
  8. claudia

    Sydney lunch - Sunday 6th May

    Hi everyone, I will confirm tomorrow ) i'm 90% sure I can come just have to check with babysitting for my daughter, unless you dont mind me bringing her along? lol :)
  9. claudia

    sydney lunch this sunday!!

    what time and where is lunch at? sounds like fun :)
  10. Feels a little unreal knowing that I have to lose only 23 kgs to reach goal, it was just like yesterday when the surgeon told me I had to lose 63 kgs :o( and that my bmi was 49.5 :o( that was so scary and now 9 months down the track here I am 87.7 kgs woohooo :D

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    2. bikiechick


      wow, amazing well done you should be very happy with that

    3. Shorty


      Wow, that is FANTASTIC!

    4. ladyanni


      Crikey!! YOu have lost sooo much weight! Well done Claudia!

  11. claudia

    Obsessive eating

    Hey S, I use my daughter's Dora the Explorer plate which is tiny lol but its not even the meal the problem, is the night time snacking, especially with easter eggs everywhere , its been hard to have willpower and my weight has def slowed down, i'm seeing Craig on the 22nd and i've only lost 2 kgs so far where i normally do 5 kgs every month! Just need to be stronger I guess as I can't afford to stay at this weight, i still need to lose 23 kgs! How are you going S??
  12. claudia

    Obsessive eating

    I have been the same Kylie, sometimes this band makes me wonder too, i thought it supposed to stop us from over eating lol. don't worry hun, new day tomorrow just stay light tomorrow and you'll be fine
  13. claudia

    Confessions of a secret eater!

    Honey I have done this many times! and with easter around i ate plenty chocolate, a bit upset about it but i did it to myself, just remember that you're only cheating yourself and the band won't help you. Its hard to stay away from these types of foods but we have to be strong
  14. claudia


    Yes that's how it is until you have more fill, it took about 7 mls to start some restriction for me but if you can stay strong and not snack in between meals, that will help you with the loss too )
  15. Hhmmm, I can't eat bread anymore of any kind, I can't eat anything thats too dry or hard, I think overall I miss being able to eat a burger now and then lol and i miss my steak ( ohh well thats the sacrifice to be healthy, I don't mind giving it up