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  1. Hi all, Ok, so I have all the supporting documents. I am ready to submit the application for early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds via the centrelink website however I cannot for the life of me find where I attach all the supporting documents. I have gotten all the way to submit, however I dont want to submit it without the supporting documents. Anyone know where I do this on the application. Arghh I just want to get this submitted Thanks so much!!
  2. Alrighty I had my lap band put in in September 2010, revision surgery in 2011 to fix a leaking port. I hate the band, I really do. I struggle to eat anything good and can really only get the crap food down. Rice and pasta, down you go. Chocolate even popcorn weee down it goes. A peice of fruit, a vegetable or a bit of chicken and im stuck and uncomfortable, I have tried many different restricitions, putting in taking out nothing has helped and I feel hungry all the time. I started at 153.1, I am now 130kg, the lowest I got pre babies was 122 and my youngest baby is 2.5. So, with all that being said, I made the leap today and made an appointment to discuss having my band out and switching to a sleeve or bypass. I am hoping to access my superannuation to fund the out of pocket (I have private health but the out of pocket is too much for us with a 2 and 4 year old as well). I actually work in superannuation so if I can get it approved I need to get the payment etc done discreetly through one of the bosses at work, I would have liked to tell no one at work but its not really possible. I have made an appointment with Mr Ahmad Aly in Bulleen, Vic for the appointment and then I will go from there, any feedback would be great. Anyone care to share any information about making the switch? I have so many worries. I am so worried I will get in there and have them tell me to keep going with my band and they wont take it out or something along those lines. Then I am worried I wont be able to access my super even though with all the reading I have done today I definitely fit the criteria (without access to it I wont be able to go through with this). I worry that they will do the sleeve and I should have gone the bypass or vice versa and I worry that this wont be successful either. Then I worry that I wont live to see my kids grow up, I lost my dad at age 30 to a heart attack, i am 33, I dont want my kids to go through what I have gone through. I feel like such a failure, I had such high hopes for my band.
  3. Hi, I had my surgery also at Western Private done by Mr Nottle and I paid the $3000 to him, the Anesthetist fee and the fee for his assistant and that was it. The only charge I had at the hospital was for medication which was about $17. I am with HBA. I know how it is though when you call these Health insurance companies and they start using all their Jargon that only they understand. I had similar worries when i went into this hospital as well and every time I called HBA they would explain it the exact same way so I never actually knew what they were telling me. I dont think they even know exactly what they are talking about it is all so scripted they cant explain it any other way for us to understand.
  4. Hi all, I was banded in September last year. Since that time I have gone for many fills. I can not even remember how many but it would be at least 7 or 8. I start off ok with the restriction and then it just seems to vanish. At first the fill doctor thought there may be a leak and sent me off for a xray to determine if there was a leak which the xray showed there was not. When I had my xray the doctor there put in a bit of fill for me and it lasted however it wasnt quite enough and so when I saw my doctor about a month after that I asked for a little more to be put in which she did however after maybe not even a week all my restriction is gone. Only time I feel I have any restriction is when I eat a little to fast and then it is a bit painful otherwise it is almost like I could eat what I want I am doing ok weight wise I suppose. I have lost over 20 kilos but I feel most of that is more my self control and the fact that I go to the gym 4-5 times a week than the band helping me as I am often going hungry having stopped eating before I am full I know I should be happy with over 20 kilos lost but for someone who has so much more to go it is very hard to stay positive about it. Has any one else experienced any thing similar regarding their restriction. Any thoughts would be great
  5. Lucla

    Port pain at work

    Hi, I got banded last September and I had the worst port pain. Just the slightest move or things like just going over a speed hump in the car would bring tears to my eyes so I can sympathise with you. The doctor at the hospital put me on Endone a very strong pain relief and it did nothing for me except knock me out. I went to see my surgeon and he prescribed a medication called Digesic, it is actully not as strong as Endone but it seemed to work so much better, coupled with a hot water bottle on the site and I felt I could move around a lot better, it didnt remove the pain completely but gave me a fair bit of relief Some people are lucky they experience very little port pain unfortuntaly some like you and I just have to get over that initial hurtle of the pain Hang in there.. I know how you feel and it can get really disheartning but it will get better
  6. Lucla

    Packing list

    If it is a possible option I would also suggest not taking a train and a bus instead book a hotel. The trip home in the car for me was about 30 minutes and it was very uncomfortable. Every bump in the road hurt, on the other hand though there are some people who recover better than others and you may find you have less pain that expected. Anyways..Wishing you all the best for the optifast stage theoperation and your journey afterwards
  7. Lucla

    embarassing question

    HAHA.. you guys are so funny I never would have thought they would give pain relief up the butt... oh well learn something new every day. My sister is going in shortly to get her lap band done and I think I will keep that peice of information to myself for now. She would be mortified to know that they could potentially give her pain relief that way so im thinking what she doesnt know wont hurt her... lol
  8. Lucla

    Leave from work

    Hi, I took my leave as annual leave cos I knew my work would not be impressed with me taking 2 weeks off work sick, for me it was just easier to say I was going away for 2 weeks than to have to explain an operation and then questions that would come. Just do what you feel is right. No point taking it as sick leave and then stressing while you are off that your work wont be happy with you. For some they are lucky enough to have a supportive work place that wont give them a hard time but other employers can make life very stressful for you taking that much time off. Anyways whatever you decide good luck, 3 weeks will fly by )
  9. Lucla

    Clothes Shopping

    Hi All, Just thought i'd throw my two bobs in as well even though its probably already been mentioned previously. Does anyone feel that stores such as city chic just take advantage of the fact that we overweight folk dont have huge choice for clothes and so grossly overcharge us. I mean you pay sometimes around $100 for a pair of pants that are lucky to last 3 months before they start to fall apart. Dream Diva are good when they have things on sale otherwise can be a little expensive but not as bad as City Chic and their clothes tend to last longer. I started my weight loss journey having huge amounts of trouble finding a decent pair of pants or even tops that would fit over my hips but didnt look like a sack around my waist as I am a very definate pear shape however since I have now lost 23 kilos I am finding clothes hunting getting slightly easier. I have to give a huge recommendation to crossroads which have some really nice clothes and when they have their sales it is a definate bargain at times they have 40% off storewide. The only complaint is their pants run in very small sizes so still not able to get into them yet. Anyways best of luck to you all and I look forward to the day we can walk into clothes stores and buy whatever we like.
  10. Lucla

    Has any one had band by Dr Nottle

    I was banded by Mr Nottle September 2010. I found him to be great however I find the reception girls really hard to deal with. Most of my fills have been done by Yvette however I much prefer Wendy.