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  1. chris59

    Finally losing again

    YAY!!! after 3 weeks of nothing am finally losing again. Changes eating habits and more exercise. YAHOOO
  2. chris59

    DR Dolan Joondalup

    Janine, the address is Suite 106, Specialist Centre, Joondalup Health Campus, Shenton Avenue, Joondalup . Good luck tommorrow, Chris
  3. chris59


    Hi Bandits Before banding on the 6th July, 2011 I was going thru menopause and I hadn't had a period since September 2010. Well 2 weeks ago I woke one morning with major cramps and whoa and behold I had a period. I felt like crap, bloated and a major headache & ended up having the day off work. Luckily my boss's sister-in-law has a lap band & apparently she had a few problems as well so he understood. Now 2 weeks later I am having another one no pain and only a little bit of bloating but in the last 3 weeks my weight loss has really slowed down. I am planning on going to see my local GP but was just wondering if anybody else has had menopausal problems since banding. Chris
  4. Does anyone know how long after banding you can use a vibration machine or exercise bike. I have been walking but feel like I want to do more, I am 11 days post op.
  5. chris59

    2 days post op

    Well , it's my 2nd day post op and I'm feeling a lot better than I thought I would. I guess that's because I feared the worst. Have a little shoulder pain but it's bearable. So far only needing panadol for pain I guess I've been lucky. The lady in my hospital room on Wednesday night was in a lot of pain, I felt a bit guilty cause she seemed to be suffering so much more than me. Can't wait to try some soup and more nutritional liquids have been a little hungry but a drink of water or cup of tea helps at the moment. Just want to thank every one on here for all the advice it definitely made a difference knowing what to expect.
  6. chris59

    3 sleeps to go

    Thanks guys, I feel a bit better now knowing that I'm not the only one that had slipped up. Good luck for tommorrow, and for wednesday. Keep me posted and we can compare notes. Chris
  7. chris59

    3 sleeps to go

    I only have 3 sleeps to go and getting a bit nervous. Also feeling a bit guilty, stopped to get my partner take away for dinner tonight and couldn't resist having hungry jacks cause I figured it would be the last time I could eat a hamburger. I have done so well on my Optifast for the last 2 weeks and lost nearly 4kgs and now I feel like I've blown it. So determined to be good. Chris
  8. chris59

    Finally Home From France

    That's fantastic, jealous much, but a question what is a lap band card and how do you get one? I have my band done on the 6th of July, counting down the days, can't wait. Thanks
  9. chris59

    Post-op chiropractic

    Hi Kristy, I saw my chiro on thursday and she advised me to wait at least 4 weeks post op. I am being banded on the 6th of July and my chiro appointment is not until the 8th August. Hope this helps. Chris
  10. chris59


    Hi, Good luck for the 1st of July. I am being band on the 6th of July by Dr Dolan at Joondalup. Starting Optifast on monday. Getting excited and nervous at the same time. Little bit scared about failing at this like I have everything else I've tried so far. Chris
  11. chris59


    Hi, Can anybody tell me roughly how long after surgery before I can drive. Just found out this week my partner has to have another operation on his shoulder and it's only 3 weeks before my surgery, which means that I will have to stay in Perth at my daughters until I am able to make the 2 hour drive home. As much as I love my daughter and my beautiful grandsons I'd much rather be home in my own bed. Chris
  12. Definitely go and see Dr Dolan. I also have type 2 diabetes plus a few more health issues and I am being banded on the 6th of July. I was originally told 6-8 months but when I went for my appointment I was given the choice of 2 different dates because they had cancellations. Chris
  13. chris59


    Suzie, That is awesome. My surgery is set for the 6th July and its stories like yours that have inspired me. Thank you. You should be so proud of yourself. Chris
  14. chris59

    10 weeks & 6 days to go

    Thanks Tracey, Definitely try to claim back the initial visit. Dr Dolan's receptionist told me at the time that I could claim some back on medicare. I am having it done at Joondalup so it's great to hear how well everything went for you there. Good luck with your weight loss. I would love to hear how it's going for along the way Cheers. Chris
  15. chris59

    10 weeks & 6 days to go

    Thanks Kristi, thats a big help. I also live about 2 hours from Joondalup, in Cunderdin. I have most of my appointments on the 2nd June, so was going to pay my $1000.00 on that day .Well good luck for the 9th of May. Please let me know how you go. Thanks Chris