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  1. good luck jodi on your surgery , i got a phone call from the royal brisbane hospital today they wanted a few more detail as they have another patient with the same name date of birth but lives in brisbane , so i gave the the address so they can process my refferal as i told them i have never lived in brisbane .
  2. found out last week my gp did not send a refferal to royal brisbane hospital saw him on wednesday did the refferal for me and he also put a letter in from my arthritis doc as well to put the weight be hind his refferal . found out the recieptist never handed a message about it to him at least it has been done now.
  3. i rang my arthritis doc he has asked my gp to send the refferal too the royal brisbane hospital had not heard from then rang my gp he for got to send it but is working on the refferal. have to ring back early next week.
  4. hi helen yes i am on face book my real name is stephanie sloan so you can add me as a friend. yes it would be good to talk about the lapbanding process.

  5. chook

    Toowoomba Op

    hi i am from toowoomba i think they do it at st vincent hospital toowoomba , i have a refferal to brisbane as i am going to try to get it done publicly as they don,t do it at toowoomba base . i have had a refferal to the royal brisbane.
  6. Thanks for the add

  7. sounds like a great idea.
  8. Thanks i will do it on wednesday. Will ring the royal brisbane hospital.
  9. Hi iam from toowoomba to and my arthirits doctor has sent a refferal to the royal brisbane hospital as he has recommed me for the lap band surgery as he told me he has had a patient that it has worked well for,just waiting to here back from royal brisbane hospital.
  10. chook

    thinking seriously about it

    hi iam from toowoomba and my dr and specailist are trying to get me on the public waiting list in brisbane . i am really over weight i am only 4 foot 8 inches, also i have ra and oa as well. the question i want to ask is has the surgery really helped you.